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06/29/12 - End of This Blog. Transition to WordPress.
(No tags)

06/22/12 - Finding and Cleaning Up EMLs That Display HTML Codes as Text
attachments, convert, Emacs, emails, EML, HTML, pdf, PDFsam, pdftk, print, TexFinderX

06/22/12 - Windows Explorer Replacements: FreeCommander and Explorer++
alternative, Explorer, Explorer++, FreeCommander, replacement, substitute, windows

06/21/12 - Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working: FreeCommander and Other Alternatives to Windows Explorer
7, alternatives, files, folders, navigator, replacement, substitute, windows

06/21/12 - How Google Started to Become a Problem
abuse, big, Blogger, Chrome, compel, corrupt, DejaNews, evil, force, Google, microsoft

06/19/12 - Exporting Thunderbird Emails to PDF - Another Cut
attachment, convert, emails, EML, EMLs, export, pdf, thunderbird

06/18/12 - A Multiboot USB Drive with Windows 7, Ubuntu, UBCD4Win, Drive Tools, etc. - Second Cut
drive, flash, jump, multiboot, portable, thumb, UBCD, usb, windows

06/17/12 - Excel: Storing the Results of Repeated Calculations
excel, random, save, statistics

06/16/12 - Excel Bubble Sort - Arranging Many Cells in Many Columns
arrange, blank, cells, data, excel, irregular, rows, sort

06/10/12 - Batch Converting Many WordStar (.ws) Files to PDF
batch, bulk, conversion, convert, pdf, word, WordStar, ws

06/02/12 - Batch Verifying or Validating Scattered WAV Files
batch, Boxoft, convert, files, MP3, test, validate, verify, WAV

06/01/12 - Samsung SMX-F34BN Camcorder Software & Accessories: Cluelessness
camcorder, camera, drivers, power supply, Samsung, SMX-F34BN, video

05/27/12 - Batch Converting Multiple Word DOC Files to PDF in Scattered Folders
batch, conversion, convert, doc, files, folders, multiple, pdf, word

05/24/12 - Videos from the Mid-2000s
2000s, best, videos

05/23/12 - Windows 7: Considering a RAID Array for Performance

05/23/12 - A Million-Day Calendar with Explicit Julian-Gregorian Comparison
8601, calculation, calendar, conversion, dates, Gregorian, iso, Julian, medieval, Roman, spreadsheet

05/21/12 - Western Digital: Let the Buyer Beware
false, hard drive, hassle, inaccurate, misleading, return, rma, runaround, unresponsive, warranty, WD, Western Digital

05/08/12 - Creating a Bootable Windows 7 USB Drive for Installation / System Repair / Recovery - First Cut
7, bootable, installation, iso, multiboot, MultibootUSB, recovery, repair, system, usb, windows, YUMI

05/07/12 - Blocking Unwanted Websites from Google Searches
block, Google, optimize, OptimizeGoogle, search, sites, spam, unwanted, websites

05/04/12 - Uploading Videos to YouTube without Letterboxes (Big Black Borders)
aspect ratio, black border, editing, frame, letterbox, pixel, upload, video, youtube

04/17/12 - Adobe Acrobat Becomes Excessively Disability-Aware
accessibility, acrobat, disability, keyboard, problem, Windows 7

04/17/12 - Windows 7: Shift and Control (not Caps Lock) Key Stuck On - Slow Keyboard Response
capital, caps, control, key, keyboard, KVM, letters, lock, shift, sticky, stuck

04/17/12 - Windows 7: Missing System Restore Points
backup, deleted, missing, points, restore, saved, system

04/08/12 - Windows 7: BSOD: Errors 116 & 119: Interpreting the Minidump or Kernel Dump File
116, 119, blue screen, bsod, crash, dump, kernel, memory, minidump, SDK, Windows 7

04/02/12 - Windows 7: Eliminating "This Folder Is Shared With Other People" Message
delete, Error, folder, move, shared

04/01/12 - Windows 7: Deleting Excess "User" Accounts
accounts, administrator, all, default, delete, remove, Users

03/30/12 - A Backup Arrangement with Beyond Compare
backup, Beyond, compare, external, files, folders, mirror, sync, synchronize, usb

03/26/12 - Win7RegEdit-x64.reg
edits, improvements, registry, tweaks, Win7Reg-Edit-x64.reg, Win7RegEdit.reg, Windows 7

03/23/12 - Synchronizing Two Computers: GoodSync and Alternatives
Allway, GoodSync, microsoft, Robocopy, sync, synchronization, SyncToy, WinMerge

03/21/12 - Open a Search for a Certain Type of File Every Day
automated, automatic, batch, Everything, files, find, schedule, scheduled, search

03/21/12 - Windows 7: BSOD: PROCEXP111.SYS
bsod, crash, Explorer, Hacker, Process, PROCEXP111.SYS, Windows 7

03/21/12 - BIOS Problem: Bootup to Blank Screen
BIOS, black, blank, clear, CMOS, display, monitor, reset, screen

03/19/12 - Batch Converting Many Microsoft Word (.doc) or WordPerfect (.wpd) Files to PDF - Streamlined
convert, doc, microsoft, pdf, word, wordperfect, WPD

03/18/12 - Batch Converting DOC to PDF with 7-PDF Maker
7-PDF Maker, conversion, convert, converter, doc, microsoft, pdf, Windows 7, word

03/18/12 - Batch Converting Many Microsoft Word (.doc) Files to PDF - First Try
batch, command line, convert, doc, pdf, word

03/18/12 - Troubleshooting Some Options for Converting PDF to JPG or Other Image Formats
batch, Boxoft, convert, Ghostscript, image, ImageMagick, IrfanView, jpg, pdf, png

03/17/12 - Microsoft Word: "Attempting to open a file created in earlier version"
attempting, blocked, earlier version, file, Microsoft Office, open, policy, registry, Word 2003

03/15/12 - Batch Converting Many Text Files to PDF
batch, bulk, command, convert, file, pdf, print, text, TXT

03/14/12 - Adobe Acrobat: Adding JavaScript Addons; Flattening Form Fields
acrobat, fields, Flatten Page Content Tool, form, Java, pdf, script

03/13/12 - Converting URL-Linked Webpages (Bookmarks, Favorites) to PDF
batch, command, convert, pdf, URL, wkHTMLtoPDF

03/13/12 - Choosing Emacs as a Text Editor with Macro Capabilities
Cream, editor, Emacs, GNU, macro, Notepad++, script, text, Vi, Vim

03/12/12 - Windows 7: Improving Command Window
box, cmd, command, Console, Console2, dos, windows

03/12/12 - Ghosting, Connectors and Adapters: VGA, HDMI, and DVI (DVI-I, DVI-D, DVI-A, etc.)
adapters, DVI, ghosting, graphics, HDMI, monitors, VGA, video

03/11/12 - Printing Webpages as PDFs from the Command Line
command line, converter, HTML, pdf, print, PrintHTML, Total, wkHTMLtoPDF

03/10/12 - Using Screenshots to Examine Many Files Quickly
analyze, Boxoft, combine, convert, IrfanView, jpg, pdf, png, present, screenshots, view

03/10/12 - Optical Character Recognition Freeware: JOCR and FreeOCR
acrobat, free, JOCR, ocr, optical character recognition, simple, Tesseract, text

03/09/12 - Windows 7: "Access Denied" on the Command Line When Using FIND
access denied, administrator, command, Error, find, line, permissions, security, sharing, Windows 7

03/08/12 - File Naming Conventions
batch, bulk, conventions, files, folders, naming, principles, renaming, rules, standard

03/03/12 - Mitigating a Data Verification Nightmare: Thoughts on Removing Duplicate Files
data, duplicate, files, verification

03/01/12 - Excel 2003: An Attempt to Sort Sentences or Filenames by Identifying Multiword Phrases
analysis, characters, excel, filenames, parsing, phrases, renaming, sorting, spreadsheet, text, worksheet

03/01/12 - Using Excel to Clean Unwanted Characters from Filenames or Other Text
characters, excel, files, list, names, replace, script, substitute, UDF

03/01/12 - Windows 7: Assigning Process Priorities to Prevent Slowdowns
computer, disk, drive, GoodSync, I/O, priorities, processes, RAM, resources, slowdown, threads, Windows 7

03/01/12 - A List of 377 Common, Relatively Insignificant Words - First Cut
common, commonly, frequent, frequently, insignificant, list, lists, trivial, word, words

02/29/12 - Excel 2003: Print or Export the Formulas Used in Each Cell
cells, excel, export, formulas, functions, print, spreadsheet

02/26/12 - Windows 7: Windows Media Encoder: No Specified Device Driver Is Present
audio, capture, Debut, device, DirectX, Driver, encoder, media, record, sound, streaming, video

02/25/12 - Robocopy Commands for File and Folder Synchronization
commands, computers, JOB, options, Robocopy, synchronize, Xcopy, XXCOPY

02/25/12 - Windows 7: Setting and Maintaining Accurate System Time
clock, command line, freeware, NIST, sync, synchronization, synchronize, system, time, utility, Windows 7

02/19/12 - Windows 7: Thunderbird: Add Security Exception
account, add, certificate, email, exception, security, server, settings, thunderbird

02/18/12 - Windows 7: Overlapping Partitions, Entire Drive Is Unallocated, Has No Brain, Still Feels Great
basic, disk, drive, dynamic, extended, logical, magic, partition, primary, simple, unallocated, wizard

02/18/12 - Saving Disk Space; Finding Types of Files to Shrink
compress, disc, disk, drive, files, reduce, shrink, space, SpaceSniffer, TreeSize, WinDirStat

02/17/12 - Windows 7: Finding a DIR Alternative
command, CoreUtils, date, DIR, file, GnuWin, Gow, line, linux, name, path, size, TCC/LE

02/14/12 - Batch Merging Many Scattered JPGs into Many Multipage PDFs - Clarified
batch, combine, concatenate, jpg, merge, pdf, spreadsheet

02/13/12 - Windows 7: Testing/Verifying/Validating PDFs
acrobat, convert, pdf, PDFs, print, printto, test, validate, verify

02/09/12 - Windows 7: Some Updates Were Not Installed
(No tags)

02/07/12 - ASUS Eee PC: Booting from USB: Second Cut: Ubuntu
ASUS, boot, bootable, drive, Eee, jump, thumb, ubuntu, usb

02/07/12 - Windows 7: Verify or Validate MP3s
check, checker, diagnostic, diags, errors, file, MP3, MP3val, test, validate, verify

02/06/12 - A Home Page, Start Page, or Toolbar to Open Favorites/Bookmarks and Start Programs
dock, link, menu, Object, open, page, quick, Rocket, shortcut, Start, toolbar

02/06/12 - Batch Merging Many Scattered JPGs into Many Multipage PDFs - Streamlined
batch, bulk, combine, convert, jpg, merge, pdf, PDFsam

01/29/12 - JPG: Can't Read File Header - Unknown File Format or File Not Found
corrupt, edit, file, format, header, hex, jpg

01/26/12 - Windows 7: HTML (MHT) Files: Batch Printing/Converting to PDF
batch, bulk, convert, HTM, HTML, MHT, mhtml, pdf

01/22/12 - Windows Seven Forums: Banned!
7, backlinking forums, banned, captcha, Hebrew,, spam, windows

01/22/12 - Unlocking PDFs
crack, decrypt, password, pdf, remove, security, unlock

01/21/12 - Windows 7: A Batch File to Sort Files
(No tags)

01/20/12 - Adding Bad Clusters to the Bad Clusters File - Second NTFS Boot Sector Is Unwriteable
Acronis True Image Home 11, bad, boot, chkdsk, clusters, gparted, ntfs, sector, unwriteable

01/14/12 - Batch Merging Many Scattered JPGs into Many Multipage PDFs - Second Try
batch, combine, command, concatenate, convert, files, jpg, merge, multiple, pdf

01/14/12 - Combining PDFs with PDFsam: Introductory Syntax
batch, combine, command line, concatenate, files, merge, multiple, pdf, PDFsam, script, syntax

01/14/12 - Windows 7 Cannot Find Acrobat.exe
1310, acrobat, Acrobat.exe, Adobe, cannot find, combine supported, Error, files, multiple, pdf, reader, Windows 7

01/09/12 - Windows 7: Cannot Create New Folder in Windows Explorer
7, boot, BootDeleter, can't, cannot, create, deleter, Explorer, folder, new, uninstall, windows

01/09/12 - Windows 7: BSOD: Memory Dump
blue screen, bsod, dump, memory, minidump, SDK, view, Windows 7

01/08/12 - Windows 7: Understanding the stdriver64.sys BSOD
(No tags)

01/08/12 - Windows 7 x64: Bootable RAM Tester
64-bit, 8GB, batch, checker, diagnostic, memory, memtest86, memtest86+, RAM, tester, Windows 7, x64

01/03/12 - Converting Scattered WMA Files to MP3
batch, bulk, conversion, convert, directories, excel, folders, MP3, rename, scattered, spreadsheet, WMA

12/31/11 - Warning: System Memory Usage High
Booster, defrag, high, memory, optimize, RAM, Rizone, Rizonesoft, system, usage, warning

12/25/11 - 2011: Best Videos of the Year
2011, animals, art, best, economy, music, politics, protest, sports, video

12/24/11 - Documenting Computer Work Onscreen - Second Try
audio, capture, display, documentation, screen, screenshot, video, VirtualDub, youtube

12/18/11 - Thunderbird: The file Mailbox [filename] Cannot Be Found
archive, compact, corrupted, folder, Inbox, mailbox, msf, thunderbird, Windows 7

12/18/11 - Thunderbird: Upgrading While Keeping Incompatible Extensions
(No tags)

12/18/11 - Converting Email (EML) Files to PDF - Another (Partial) Try
conversion, convert, Emacs, email, EML, headers, HTM, pdf

12/11/11 - Moving Bookmarks to the Start Menu
arrange, bookmarks, CheckPlaces, firefox, links, shortcuts, sort, Start Menu, XMarks

12/07/11 - Windows 7 CHKDSK /R: Corrupt MFT: False Alarm
chkdsk, corrupt, drive, master file table, MFT, Windows 7

12/06/11 - Windows 7: Adding Hotmail as Default Email in Firefox 8.0.1
about:config, application, default, email, firefox, gmail, Hotmail, thunderbird, Windows 7, Yahoo

12/01/11 - Windows 7: Tweaked Installation: Latest Version
best, changes, edits, installation, programs, recommended, registry, tweaks, utilities, Windows 7

11/30/11 - Win7RegEdit.reg Updated
batch, edit, file, reg, regedit, registry, tweaks, Windows 7

11/24/11 - Freeware: A Thanksgiving Tradition: First Cut
commercial, compensation, contributions, donations, downloads, free, freeware, nonprofit, not-for-profit, payments, software

11/09/11 - Documenting Computer Work with Screenshots and Duplicate Detectors
capture, display, documentation, documenting, log, monitor, record, screenshots, Shotshooter.bat, slideshow, video, workspace

11/02/11 - Things to Do Before Killing Yourself
depression, despair, hopelessness, insurance, kill, money, murder, political, scheme, suicide, things to do, truth, yourself

10/15/11 - What Is a "Christian"?
belief, Christ, christian, Christianity, define, definition, faith, hatred, Jesus, justify, killing, murder, rationalize, religion, violence, war

09/02/11 - Some Tips for eBay Auctions
auctions, bidding, Buy It Now, buyers, buying, Completed Listings, eBay, sale, sellers, selling

08/24/11 - Catching Up: Best of Previous Years: The Current Plan
(No tags)

08/16/11 - Windows 7: Recording Streaming Audio
Adapter, audio, capture, convert, Debut, headphones, microphone, motherboard, record, speakers, streaming, usb, Windows 7

07/07/11 - Windows 7: BOOTMGR Is Missing
bootmgr, gparted, missing, repair your computer, repairs, system recovery options, ubuntu, Windows 7

07/05/11 - Finding and Removing Dead Program Shortcuts
gibberish, shortcuts

07/05/11 - Windows 7: Batch Files That Run Things on a Schedule
automatically, batch, daily, programs, schedule, webpages

05/21/11 - Windows 7: EUBKMON.SYS Error: Driver Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations
ASUS, backup, boot, drivers, Easeus, Eee, EUBKMON.SYS, Manager, mode, Normal, PC, Safe, Todo, unloaded

05/21/11 - ASUS Eee PC: Booting from USB: First Cut
7, ASUS, BartPE, boot, bootable, CD, drive, Eee, Hiren's, installer, PC, recovery, UBCD, UBCD4Win, Universal, usb, windows, XBoot, XP

05/19/11 - Windows 7: Video Programs Don't See the Camcorder
cannot start this hardware device, Code 19, configuration information, firewire, IEEE 1394, incomplete or damaged, registry, Windows 7

05/16/11 - Recommended Firefox Extensions
extensions, firefox, recommended

05/14/11 - ASUS Eee PC: Windows 7, Acronis True Image Universal Restore, and Partitions
Acronis, administrator, ASUS, ATIH, disc, dissimilar hardware, drive, Eee, Gparted partition, image, netbook, PC, restore, True Image, tweaks, Universal Restore, Windows 7

05/14/11 - ASUS Eee PC: Windows 7 Tweaks: First Cut
ASUS, Eee, netbook, PC, tweaks, Windows 7

05/08/11 - An Open Letter to Travis Wright
(No tags)

05/08/11 - Data Nightmare: Reconciling Two Hard Drives
Beyond Compare, comparison, data, duplicates, file names, files, hard drives, multiple, reconcile, similar

05/08/11 - Windows 7: Verify That Data Files Are in Working Condition: JPG, MP3, PDF
batch, comparison, files, IrfanView, jpg, MP3, pdf, test, utility, verify

05/08/11 - HP OfficeJet Pro L7780 All-in-One Review
All-in-One, fax, HP, L7780, multifunction, OfficeJet, printer, pro, scanner

05/06/11 - Windows 7 File Finder: Review of "Everything"
Ava Find, AvaFind, Everything, files, find, indexing, Instant File Find, regex, review, search, wildcard

04/23/11 - Windows 7: Archiving Emails (with Attachments) from Thunderbird to Individual PDFs - First Try
attachments, convert, duplicates, emails, EMLs, export, extract, ImportExportTools, pdf, print, renaming, thunderbird

04/23/11 - Using a Spreadsheet to Rename Thousands of Files - First Try
EMLs, excel, filenames, files, move, rename, spreadsheet, thousands

04/23/11 - Windows 7: Archiving Thunderbird Emails to Individual PDFs - Retry
batch, conversion, emails, EML, HTML, messages, pdf, spreadsheet, thunderbird, wkHTMLtoPDF

04/22/11 - Finding the Last Occurrence of a Character in an Excel String: A User-Defined Function
character, excel, last occurrence, programming, reverse, reversetext, spreadsheet, string, text, user-defined function, Visual Basic

04/22/11 - Speed Up Browsing by Disabling Internet Explorer
9, add-on, disable, disabling add-ons, Group Policy Editor, IE, IE9, Internet Explorer 9, notifications, performance, speed up browsing

04/21/11 - Batch Renaming Text File Memos or Emails Using Their Contents to Create the Filenames
batch, contents, emails, memos, programming, rename, renaming, scripting, text

04/21/11 - Repairing Damaged JPGs
batch, bulk, damaged, files, freeware, JPEG, jpg, photo, recovery, repair, testing

04/21/11 - A Two-Computers-Per-User Desktop Arrangement
backup, Beyond Compare, displays, DVI, GoodSync, KVM, monitors, multiple, NAS, network-attached storage, synchronized, Synology, usb, Win7

04/19/11 - Windows 7: Wait Until the Current Program is Finished Uninstalling
Control Panel, current program, finished, Revo, Task Manager, uninstall, uninstaller, uninstalling

04/19/11 - Windows 7: Converting Old Outlook Express DBX Files
convert, DBX, DBXConv, emails, extract, import, messages, OE, Outlook Express, Windows 7, Windows Live Mail

04/18/11 - Testing to Verify That Photo Files Are Good
batch, corrupt, Error, files, JPEG, jpg, recovery, repair

04/18/11 - Batch Merging (Combining, Concatenating) PDFs from the Command Line
automate, batch, combine, command line, concatenate, files, merge, pdf, PDFs

03/31/11 - Justice: An Interaction with Isaac Iwuagwu, courts, disputes, fair, fairness, just, justice, life, resolution, unfair

03/29/11 - Windows 7: Mouse Pointer Spotlight
.ani, .cur, cursor, freeware, mouse, pointer, spotlight, tails, Windows 7

03/29/11 - Google Search: Freeware: Get Rid of Unwanted Sites
add-on, addon, filter, freeware, Google, optimize, OptimizeGoogle, search, Web of Trust, WOT

03/25/11 - Windows 7: You Need Permission to Perform This Action
administrator, destination folder access denied, owner, pdf, properties, security, Windows 7, Windows Explorer, you need permission to perform this action

03/25/11 - Windows 7: Windows Explorer: CDs and DVDs: Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc
CD, currently on the, disc, DVD, edit, files, files ready, parameter is incorrect, ready to be written to, registry, Windows 7, Windows Explorer

03/25/11 - Windows 7: Remove InstallShield Update Manager
InstallShield, ISUM, ISUSPM.cpl, ISUSPM.exe, registry, update manager, Update Service Scheduler, updates

03/25/11 - Windows 7: Item Not Found Error
7, Error, folder, Item Not Found, KB980408, message, moving, regisry, registry, windows

03/25/11 - Windows 7: KVM in a Multimonitor Setup
7, ConnectPRO, DDM, display, dual, EDID, Full Time Active DDC, ghosting, keyboard, KVM, monitor, mouse, multiple, PS/2, usb, video, windows, XP

03/25/11 - Adding a PS/2 Port
Adapter, backplate, BIOS, cable, connector, display, keyboard, KVM, monitor, mouse, port, PS/2, PS2, serial, splitter, usb, Y

03/22/11 - Windows 7: More Tweaks & Fixes
annoyances, capture, files, find, fixes, problems, solutions, tweaks, video, Windows 7

03/18/11 - Thunderbird for Windows: Transition from Portable to Desktop; Duplicate Email Remover
desktop, duplicate, e-mails, emails, export, import, messages, migrate, portable, PortableApps, profile, thunderbird, Transfer, transition

02/23/11 - Windows 7 Installation: Chronology
7, chronology, installation, networking, setup, tweaks, VHD, windows, XP

02/23/11 - Windows 7: Additional Tweaks
7, Classic Shell, context, GoodSync, installation, menu, Move To, Program Compatibility Wizard, right-click, Send To, Start, tweaks, windows, XP

01/24/11 - Instant File Find: Acceptable, While We Await a Windows 7 Version of AvaFind
7, Ava, AvaFind, Copernic Desktop Search, Explorer, features, file, find, finder, Instant, vista, windows, XP

01/22/11 - Windows 7: RAID or Mirror Across Computers?
backup, data, Easy, GoodSync, home, live, Mesh, mirror, network, performance, RAID, Super Flexible, sync, Syncables, synchronize, Tornado, Transfer, ViceVersa, Windows 7

01/22/11 - Windows 7: Choosing a Multiple Desktop Program
desktops, Dexpot, Micro Desk, multiple, Sysinternals, virtual, Virtual Dimension, VirtuaWin, Windows 7, workspaces

01/22/11 - Synchronizing Two Computers: Detailed Review of GoodSync
computers, constant, continuous, GoodSync, mirror, network, schedule, synchronize, Windows 7

01/21/11 - Windows 7: The INSTALL Partition
customized, delete, double, duplicate, files, finder, install, move, networked, partition, portable applications, protect, shared, Start Menu, Windows 7

01/20/11 - Windows 7: Choosing a Duplicate File Finder
checksum, cleaner, comparison, CRC32, deleter, detect, double, DoubleKiller, duplicate, files, finder, hash, MD5

01/19/11 - Windows 7: Multiple Desktops: A Look at Dexpot and Sysinternals
desktops, Dexpot, multiple, Sysinternals, virtual, Windows 7, workspaces

01/19/11 - Windows Tweaks: One Screenshot Per Second & A Volume-Muting Hotkey
hotkey, mute, NirCmd, screen capture, screenshots, Shotshooter.bat, video, volume

01/18/11 - Windows 7: Easy Transfer & the Upgrade from Windows XP
Easy Transfer, MIG, upgrade, Windows 7, XP

01/18/11 - Wikipedia, Please Control Your Bureaucracy
articles, attacks, bureaucracy, bureaucrats, complaints, deletion, reader experience, Wikipedia

01/18/11 - Copernic Desktop Search: No "Refine Search" Window
Copernic Desktop Search, Refine Query, Refine Search

01/17/11 - Windows 7, Vista, and XP: Networking Four Computers
7, administrators, discovery, drives, Everyone, homegroup, network, networking, partitions, router, shares, software, Users, vista, windows, wired, XP

01/17/11 - Google Chrome: Keyboard Shortcut Problem
AvaFind, Chrome Keyconfig, Google Chrome, hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts, Shift-Esc, Shortcut Manager, Task Manager

01/16/11 - Google Chrome: Recommended Extensions
add-ons, Chrome, extensions, Google, recommended

01/15/11 - Windows 7: IP Address Conflict: The Ol' Switcheroo
Belkin Connect N150, DHCP, dsl, Netgear FS605, router, switch, Windows 7

01/15/11 - Windows 7: IP Address Conflict: Event Viewer
2010, DHCP, DNS, Event ID, Event Viewer, home network, IP address conflict, LAN, log, modem, Motorola, switch, TCP/IPv4, Windows 7

01/15/11 - Windows 7: IP Address Conflict: What Could It Be?
Device Manager, DNS, Error 105, Google Chrome, IP address conflict, IPv4, networking, OpenDNS, router, switch, VMware Workstation, Windows 7

01/14/11 - Windows 7: IP Address Conflict: Maybe It's the Modem!
7, att, DHCP, DNS, IP address conflict, modem, network error, networking, PPP, PPPoE, router, rtfm, vista, windows, XP

01/13/11 - Windows 7 Installation - First Try
accounts, antivirus, Control Panel, drivers, God Mode, installation, registry, tweaked, updates, Windows 7, Windows Explorer

01/13/11 - A Tweaked Windows 7 Installation: Second Try
7, adjustments, Control Panel, drivers, Explorer, hacks, install, installation, programs, security, tweaks, windows

01/13/11 - Windows 7 Installation: Win7NewInstall.bat and Win7RegEdit.reg
adjustments, batch, bugs, edits, file, hacks, registry, tweaks, Windows 7

01/13/11 - VMware Workstation 7 on Windows 7 Host: Ubuntu Virtual Appliance
(No tags)

01/13/11 - Windows 7: Native Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Boot
boot, hardware, native, RAID, software, VHD, virtual hard disk, Windows 7

01/13/11 - Windows 7: Introduction to Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
boot, native, VHD, virtual hard disks, Windows 7

01/13/11 - Windows 7: Booting from a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)
(No tags)

01/13/11 - Windows 7: Creating a Bootable Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)
bootable, Disk2VHD, VHD, virtual hard disk, WIM2VHD, Windows 7

01/13/11 - Windows 7: Scaling Back the Ambitions
computer, functionality, hobby, performance, RAID, reliability, speed, VHD, Windows 7

01/12/11 - Windows 7: Upgrade Installation to Win7 Software RAID0 Array
Acronis True Image Home 2011, array, hardware, install, installation, RAID, RAID0, restore, software, upgrade, Windows 7

01/10/11 - Acronis True Image Home 2011: Restoring Windows 7 to RAID 0: FAIL
Acronis, array, chipset, drivers, hardware, Plus Pack, RAID 0, RAID0, software, True Image Home 2011, Universal Restore, Win7, Windows 7, WinPE

01/10/11 - Acronis Universal Restore: Getting the Drivers
Acronis True Image Home 2011, array, chipset, drivers, RAID 0, RAID0, Universal Restore

01/10/11 - VMware Workstation 7 in Windows 7: Error Moving File or Folder
converter, error moving file or folder, vmware, Win7, Windows 7, windows xp, winxp, Workstation 7.1

01/10/11 - Windows 7: Problem Copying to eSATA Drive
a Rosewill RX-358-S SLV, enclosure, esata, external, hard drive, problem copying, SATA, Windows 7

01/10/11 - Windows 7: Choosing Partition Wizard to Resize Partitions
Disk Management, gparted, Partition Wizard, partitioning, shrink volume, software, Windows 7

01/10/11 - Windows 7: IP Address Conflict -- Another Computer Has Same IP Address
conflict, debrick, DHCP, DNS, IP address, ipconfig, netsh, network error, OpenDNS, release, renew, router, switch, TCP/IPv4, unbrick, Windows 7

01/10/11 - Linksys WRT54GL Router: Brick Testing & Debricking
brick, DD-WRT, debrick, firmware, hard reset, linksys, network, ping, router, switch, unbrick, upgrade, Windows 7, WRT54GL

01/09/11 - OpenDNS Instead of the ISP for DNS Service
DNS, networking, OpenDNS, server, Windows 7

01/07/11 - Windows 7: Notes on the System Imaging Feature
basic, disk, drive, dynamic, image, imaging, partition, recovery, restore, system, volume, Windows 7, WindowsImageBackup

01/06/11 - Windows 7: Setting Up RAID
array, mirroring, RAID, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, striping, Windows 7

01/05/11 - Two Computers, Two Displays, Together and Apart: TeamViewer, KVM, and Input Director
display, GoodSync, home network, Input Director, KVM, monitor, seamless, TeamViewer, Windows 7

01/05/11 - Windows 7 Fails to Detect Other Computer on Network
bridged, dsl, ethernet, linksys, live CD, modem, NAS, NAT, network, router, switch, Synology, ubuntu, Windows 7, wireless, WRT54GL

01/05/11 - Windows 7 Screws Up the Network?
IP address conflict, network, router, switch, Windows 7

01/05/11 - Windows 7: A Futile Attempt to Move the Fonts Folder
access denied, administrators, folder, fonts, move, permissions, safe mode, Windows 7

01/04/11 - Windows 7: A Shared, Relocated Start Menu
Classic, favorites, move, registry, relocate, replace, share, shell, Start Menu, Windows 7

01/03/11 - VMware Workstation, Windows 7 Host: Setting Up WinXP Guests
(No tags)

01/03/11 - Windows XP: Additional Tweaks
tweaks, windows xp

01/03/11 - VMware Workstation 7.1 Unrecoverable Error
10.04, could not connect, crash, Ethernet(), KVM, NIC, ubuntu, unrecoverable error, virtual network, vmware, workstation

01/03/11 - VMware Workstation 7.1 Freeze: Ubuntu Host, WinXP Guest
(No tags)

01/03/11 - Windows 7: Multiple Monitors, Multiple Computers: Possibilities
client, desktop, display, dual, EchoVNC, Input Director, keyboard, KVM, monitor, mouse, network, RealVNC, remote, server, Synergy, TeamViewer, UltraVNC, video, virtual, VNC

01/03/11 - Multiple Computers: Remote Desktop Connection, Input Director, TeamViewer
Input Director, KVM, multimonitor, multiple monitors, Remote Desktop Connection, TeamViewer, windows

01/03/11 - Windows 7 as Host: Choosing a Virtualization Program
appliances, bare metal, comparison, ESXi, hypervisor, machine, microsoft, Oracle, Sun, virtual, Virtual PC, virtualbox, virtualization, VM, vmware, workstation

01/03/11 - Two Computers: Dividing the Workload
7, display, dual booting, keyboard, KVM, monitor, mouse, RAID, tradeoffs, ubuntu, virtual machines, VM, vmware, windows, XP

01/02/11 - Windows 7: Choosing a Replacement for Windows Explorer
CubicExplorer, Deoube Commander, Explorer++, file management, file manager, FreeCommander, muCommander, PowerDesk, replacement, Total Commander, WindEx, Windows Explorer, WinExp, xplorer2

01/01/11 - Farewell, Ubuntu
7, linux, stability, ubuntu, virtual machines, vmware, windows, workstation, XP

01/01/11 - Security Update: Windows 7
antimalware, antispyware, antivirus, internet, malware, security, spyware, Win7, Windows 7

12/25/10 - A Social Entrepreneurship Strategy
Banco Compartamos, branching, dissemination, Grameen Bank, impact, Muhammed Yunus, poverty reduction, social, social entrepreneurship, strategy

12/13/10 - AT&T, Phone Home
att, awful, customer service, dsl, frustration, high-speed, horrible, incompetence, Internet service, online, promotion, sucks, waste of time

11/30/10 - Selections from the Guggenheim YouTubePlay Shortlist (2010)
art, Guggenheim Museum, shortlist, videos, YouTube Play

11/14/10 - Microsoft Word 2003: "Saving the Autorecovery File is Postponed"
Microsoft Word 2003, network drive, paging file, save AutoRecover info, saving the AutoRecovery file is postponed, vmware, VMware Workstation 7.1, windows xp

11/13/10 - The Meaning and Origin of the "Woodcock" Surname
Britain, England, genealogy, last names, medieval, Middle Ages, origin of names, surnames, Woodcock*

11/12/10 - VMware Workstation 7.1 in Ubuntu 10.10 Host: VMCI Sockets Problem
patch, struct sock has no member named sk_sleep, Ubuntu 10.10, VM communication interface socket family, VMCI Sockets, VMware Workstation 7.1.2

10/31/10 - Synology NAS: Mapping the Network Drive
cifspwd, credentials, DiskStation, DS109, DSM, map, mount point, network drive, password, Synology, username, wiki

10/31/10 - Ubuntu 10.10: Problems with Firefox 3.6.12
default browser, firefox, GNOME, mozilla, reinstall, Ubuntu 10.10

10/30/10 - Ubuntu 10.10: Error: Could Not Update ICEauthority File
10.10, ICEauthority, ownership, password, permissions, ubuntu

10/30/10 - Ubuntu 10.10: Streamlined RAID 0 Installation
10.04, 10.10, array, hard drives, install, partition, RAID, RAID0, ubuntu

10/30/10 - Ubuntu 10.10: Tweaked Installation
10.10, installation, RAID, repositories, tweaked, ubuntu

10/28/10 - Synology DS109 NAS: Unable to Mount - Network Is Unreachable
10.04, DiskStation Manager, DSM, network is unreachable, not able to connect, Synology, ubuntu, Ubuntuter, unable to mount

10/28/10 - Acronis True Image Plus Pack: Converting a Virtual Machine to a Physical Machine
2011, Acronis, convert, Plus Pack, True Image Home, V2P, virtual machine, VM, vmdk, vmware

10/19/10 - Synology DS109 NAS: No More Connections Can Be Made
DS-109, DS109, NAS, network, network attached storage, no more connections can be made, Synology

10/09/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Connecting to Synology DS109 NAS
bad option, bad superblock, DS-109, DS109, fstab, mount, NAS, network attached storage, Synology, ubuntu, windows, wrong fs type

10/04/10 - Wiping a Hard Drive in Ubuntu
BIOS, Darik's Boot and Nuke, DBAN, erase, hard disk, hard drive, HDAT2, HPA, linux, UBCD, UBCD4Win, ubuntu

10/02/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP Dual-Boot: GRUB2 Woes
10.04, boot, dual, Grub, grub2, hal.dll, lucid lynx, sp3, ubuntu, windows xp

09/30/10 - Connecting Network Attached Storage (NAS) to a WinXP Guest in VMware: FAIL
10.04, DS-109, DS109, ethernet, lucid lynx, NAS, network, network attached storage, server, Synology, ubuntu, vmware, windows, workstation

09/30/10 - Ubuntu Do-It-Yourself Network Attached Storage (DIY NAS): A Preliminary Look
DIY, do it yourself, DS-109, DS109, home, NAS, network, RAID, server, Synology, ubuntu

09/29/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Sharing a Folder on an NTFS Partition
folder, mount, NAS, ntfs, samba, sharing, Synology, UUID

09/28/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Ethernet Networking Two Computers and a Router
10.04, eBox, file sharing, GUI, lucid lynx, network, networking, samba, server, ubuntu, webmin

09/28/10 - Windows XP & Ubuntu RAID 0 Dual Boot: Error: No Such Device
10.04, Grub, grub.cfg, grub2, Invalid Signature, menu, No Such Device, ubuntu, windows, XP

09/27/10 - Dual-Boot RAID 0: Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP
10.04, array, Cache Mode, controller, dual-boot, Fast Init, Gigabyte Boundary, hardware, RAID 0, SATA, software, Stripe Block, ubuntu, windows

09/27/10 - Installing RAID 0 in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
10.04, BIOS, dual boot, FastBuild, home, partition, performance, RAID 0, ubuntu, Velociraptor, windows xp

09/23/10 - Notes from "Philosophical Reflections on Disability"
caregiving, disability, ethics, eugenics, humanity, medical model, philosophy, politics, rights, social justice, social model, virtue

09/23/10 - Downloading Video from Canon ZR800 MiniDV Camcorder
1394, 4-pin, 6-pin, Canon, capture, drivers, firewire, IEEE1394, video, ZR800

09/22/10 - Installing a Tweaked Version of Windows XP SP3
(No tags)

09/22/10 - Installing Windows XP SP3 in VMware Workstation 7.1 on Ubuntu 10.04
converter, kernel, PAE, SCSI, slipstreamed, sp3, ubuntu, virtualbox, VM, vmware, windows, workstation, XP

09/21/10 - Windows Explorer Fails to Retain Multiple File Selection
cut, Explorer, fade, files, folders, FreeClip, highlight, icons, M8 Free Clipboard, paste, select, sp3, utilities, vista, white, windows

09/20/10 - Windows XP in VMware Workstation 7.1: Windows Explorer Keeps Refreshing
1606, Error, files, flickering, folders, network, refreshing, screen, size, sp3, vmware, Windows Explorer, windows xp, workstation

09/20/10 - Windows XP: Unspecified Potential Security Risk Dialog
computer name, Intranet, Security Center, sp3, Trusted Sites, unspecified potential security risk, windows xp

09/18/10 - Windows XP in VMware Workstation: Default Host Application Error
assoc, default host application, Error, file associations, pdf_auto_file, virtual machine, VM, vmware, windows xp, workstation

09/17/10 - Windows XP: Integrating the Start Menu with a Portable Apps Tree
applications, apps, hierarchy, portable, PortableApps, shortcuts, Start Menu, tree, windows xp

09/16/10 - Move the Start Menu to a Different Folder
drive C, edit, entry, regedit, registry, Start Menu, windows xp

09/13/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 vs. Windows XP: Can't Delete a File
copying, drive, Error, ext3, external, hard, input/output, lucid lynx, ntfs, opening, Ubuntu 10.04, Unlocker, usb, windows xp

09/12/10 - How to Tell Chinese, Japanese, and Korean People Apart
Asian, Chinese, cultures, distinctions, distinguish, facial, Japanese, Korean, tell apart

09/11/10 - VMware Workstation 7.1: No Bootable Device Was Detected
boot, bootable device, network, reinstall, sp3, Ubuntu 10.04, virtual machine, VM, VMware Workstation 7.1, windows xp

09/09/10 - Trendnet TU2-ET100 / ASIX AX88772 USB to 10/100 Mbps Adapter
connection, drivers, ethernet, internet, Realtek PCIe, Trendnet TU2-ET100, usb, vista

09/09/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 Installation: The Streamlined Version
fstab, Grub, grub2, install, installation, reinstallation, sources.list, synaptic, Ubuntu 10.04

09/09/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Adding Fonts from Windows and Elsewhere
fonts, microsoft, TrueType, Ubuntu 10.04

09/08/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: A Manual Approach to Installing the Automated installed-software List
apt-get, differences, dpkg, installed software, Ubuntu 10.04

09/08/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Repositories
Medibuntu, repos, repositories, Software Sources, synaptic package manager, Ubuntu 10.04

09/08/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: UDEVADM Trigger Is Not Permitted While UDEV Is Unconfigured
auto super grub disk, fstab, Grub, grub2, kernel, Rescatux, Super Grub2 Disk, Ubuntu 10.04, udev, udevadm trigger

09/03/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 Reinstallation: Another Go
/home, adjustments, dpkg, dual-boot, febe, fstab, home partition, install, installed-software, kernel, PAE, reinstall, settings, tweaks, Ubuntu 10.04

09/03/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Creating a Separate Home Partition
/home, fstab, gparted, home, ICEauthority, partition, Ubuntu 10.04

09/01/10 - Portable Applications in Windows XP: Which Ones to Use
applications, apps, downloads, freeware, microsoft, Office, OpenOffice, portable, PortableApps, windows xp, winxp

09/01/10 - Portable Apps: OpenOffice as an Alternative to Microsoft Office
2003, 2007, 2010, applications, apps, microsoft, Office, OpenOffice, portable,, Professional, Starter Edition, windows xp

09/01/10 - Portabilizing Apps with Ceedo Personal
2003, applications, apps, Argo Application Instaler, Ceedo, installation, JauntePE, microsoft, Office, personal, portable,, review, test

08/31/10 - Microsoft Office 2003 Updates in 2010 and Beyond
2003, 2010, downloads, microsoft, Office, online, service pack 3, sp3, updates, webpage

08/31/10 - Exporting from Thunderbird, Importing into Thunderbird
e-mail, email, export, flash, import, install, installation, jump, linux, portable, standalone, thunderbird, ubuntu, usb, windows

08/28/10 - Transitioning Away from Windows Toward Ubuntu: The Next Step
applications, apps, dual boot, flexibility, operating systems, options, ubuntu, update, upgrade, vmware, windows xp, winxp, workstation, XP

08/28/10 - Making Microsoft Office 2003 Portable
2003, Cameyo, Ceedo Personal, FilePacker, installation, JauntePE, microsoft, MojoPac, Office, portable, Professional, windows xp, word

08/28/10 - Organizing Portable Applications in Windows XP
applications, apps, drive, flash, folders, hieararchy, menu, portable,, PStart, usb, windows xp

07/31/10 - VMware Workstation, Ubuntu Host, Windows XP Guest: Automated Way to Map Network Drives
batch, command, file, line, map, mapping, net use, network drive, registry, vmware, windows xp, Workstation 7

07/29/10 - WinXP: You Must Be Logged in as an Administrator When Installing This Program
administrators, domain, group, installation, installing, logged in, workgroup

07/28/10 - Resizing Virtual Disks in VMware Workstation 7.1 for Linux
compact, linux, reduce, shrink, ubuntu, unmount, virtual machine, VM, vmware, Workstation 7.1

07/26/10 - Windows XP: Administrator Lacks Administrative Rights?
Access is denied, administrative privileges, administrators, cannot delete, control, EasyShare, error deleting file or folder, sp3, userpasswords2, windows xp

07/26/10 - Windows XP: Some Updates Were Not Installed
/wuforce, high priority, microsoft, not installed, security, sp3, updates, windows xp, winxp

07/25/10 - Using XQDC X-Setup Pro in Windows XP
Access is denied, download, firewall, portable, record, registry, serial number, Tweak UI, tweaks, TweakUI, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, workstation, X-Setup Pro, XQDC

07/25/10 - PortableApps in Windows XP
administrative, antivirus, applications, apps, drive, jump, McAfee, platform, portable,, rights, standalone, thumb, usb

07/20/10 - McAfee Quarantine -- What's In There?
antivirus, McAfee, McAfeeQuarantine, quarantine

07/18/10 - Using VMware Workstation; Time to Try VirtualBox?
future, installation, migration, Oracle, prediction, Sun, virtual machines, virtualbox, virtualization, vms, vmware, Workstation 7.1

07/18/10 - Improving Performance in VMware Workstation 7.1
7.1, AMD, BIOS, CPU, hyperthreading, Intel, logical, machine, MMU, performance, processor, RAID, RAM, virtual, virtualization, vmware, workstation

07/18/10 - Making Space on a Windows XP System Drive
C, command, disk, drive, free up space, make space, making space, system, windows xp

07/18/10 - How Many Computers Should a Person Own?
how many computers, one person, ubuntu, windows xp

07/15/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Useless Mount Woes
device or resource busy, disagrees with, drive, error while deleting, fstab, mount point, mounting, mountpoint, not in, the fstab, Ubuntu 10.04, unable to unmount, usb, you are not root

07/15/10 - Sound Device Problem in VMware Workstation 7
ALSA, default sound card, device or resource busy, karmic koala, oss, plug-in, sound will not be available, ubuntu 9.10, virtual machine, VM, VMware Workstation 7, windows xp

07/13/10 - RSS vs. Twitter
blogs, entries, feeds, messages, posts, reader, rss vs twitter, twitter vs rss

07/11/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Problems with Update Manager and Software Sources
Failed to fetch, HTTP fetch error 7, repositories, Software Sources, Sources List Generator, Ubuntu 10.04, unsupported updates, update manager

07/10/10 - Interrupted Upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
broken packages, could not download all repository indexes, interrupted, lucid lynx, partial upgrade, synaptic, Ubuntu 10.04, ubuntu 9.10, upgrade

07/10/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: Broken Packages - Unable to Correct Dependencies
breaks, correct, dependencies, fix broken packages, installation, lucid lynx, purge, synaptic, Ubuntu 10.04, undetermined error, unmet dependencies

06/15/10 - Toward a Long-Term Position for Israel
anti-semitism, Arabs, Chechnya, Dresden, germany, Helen Thomas, Hezbollah, Hiroshima, Holocaust, israel, jews, Palestine, Palestinians, poland, racism

06/14/10 - Making a Post Look Right on Blogger
Adobe, Blogger, CoffeeCup, editor, extra lines, formatting, FrontPage, HTML, linux, microsoft, Moveable Type, publish, SeaMonkey, windows, WordPress, WYSIWYG, Xanga

06/13/10 - Olympus Digital Wave Player -- Where Is Folder A? What Time Is It?
10.04, aqua deskperience, Digital Wave Player, excel, Folder A, FolderA, IMA ADPCM, lucid lynx, olympus, ubuntu, vn-960pc, wine

06/13/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: "rsync: failed to set permissions on [folder]: Operation not permitted" -- and Beyond Compare
Beyond Compare 3, chmod, chown, fstab, lucid lynx, permissions, PortableApps, rsync, Ubuntu 10.04, UUID, windows xp, wine

06/13/10 - IrfanView Error: Windows Can't Play This File
.wav, .wmp, 10.04, codecs, Error, file format, IrfanView, lucid lynx, sp3, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, Workstation 7

06/12/10 - Ubuntu 10.04: IrfanView and Other Portable Apps via Wine
10.04, applications, IrfanView, lucid lynx, portable, PortableApps, standalone, ubuntu, windows, wine, winetricks, XP

06/11/10 - Understanding the Complete Blood Count (CBC)
anemia, blood, cbc, disorders, five-part differential, hct, hgb, iron, mch, mchc, mcv, plt, rbc, rdw, wbc

06/10/10 - Using Ubuntu Linux Tools on a Windows Machine
10.04, custom, customized, double boot, linux, live CD, lucid lynx, Portable Ubuntu Tres, reboot, Reconstructor, Remastersys, sp3, tools, ubuntu, virtualization, VMware Workstation, windows xp

06/08/10 - Bike Trail Ride in Western Michigan: The Plan
bicycle, bike, Fred Meijer Trail, Grand Rapids, Hart-Montague Trail, Manistee National Forest, michigan, Muskegon, Musketawa Trail, Pere Marquette Trail, White Pine Trail

06/05/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 & Windows Dual-Boot: Customize GRUB2 Boot Menu
10.04, Grub, grub2, lucid lynx, memtest86+, old kernels, remember, saved, triple boot, ubuntu, vista, windows xp

06/05/10 - VMware Workstation 7 Installation: Permission Denied
+x, 777, chmod, download, executable, permission denied, sh, upgrade, VMware Workstation 7

05/25/10 - PUSBLANXAD01 AD-LAN01 PC USB Network Adapter Driver Blues
AD-LAN01, Adapter, Driver, ethernet, network, PC, PUSBLANXAD01, usb, windows xp

05/24/10 - Excel 2003: Count the Number of Times a Letter Appears in a Cell
character, excel 2003, in a cell, letter, letters, number of occurrences, number of times, occur, occurs

05/23/10 - How to Arrange Cells from Many Columns into One Column in Excel 2003
2003, array, blanks, cells, excel, INDIRECT, irregular, LEN, microsoft, spreadsheet, table, word, worksheet

05/19/10 - Disability Prevalence -- Where Are We?
ACS, ADA, American Community Survey, Americans, Census, definition, disability, minority, SIPP, theory, transportation

05/16/10 - Resuming a VMware Virtual Machine: Could Not Open /dev/vmmon
/dev/vmmon, Grub, grub2, kernels, lucid lynx, startup, tweak, Ubuntu 10.04, vmware, workstation

05/16/10 - Compiz in Ubuntu 10.04: Same As It Ever Was
Compiz, CompizConfig, flaky, GNOME, lucid lynx, panels, System Preferences, tweak, Ubuntu 10.04, visual effects

05/16/10 - Importing Microsoft Word Autocorrect Entries into Writer
abbreviations, acor_en-US.dat, autocorrect, DocumentList.xml, export, import, Microsoft Word 2003, OOo Writer, 3.2, Ubuntu 10.04, Windows XP SP3, word abbreviations

05/13/10 - Scanning Functionality for a Brother MFC-7340 Multifunction Device in Ubuntu 10.04
brother MFC-7340, brscan-skey, brscan3, jpg, lucid lynx, pdf, png, pnm, ppm, psutils, sane-utils, scanimage, scankey, scantofile, scantoimage, Ubuntu 10.04, VMware Workstation 7, XSane

05/13/10 - Installing a Brother MFC-7340 Printer in Ubuntu 10.04
brother MFC-7340, CUPS, linux, lucid lynx, printer, Ubuntu 10.04, VMware Workstation 7, windows xp, winxp

05/13/10 - Compaq CQ60-420US Laptop Ethernet Connection Problem
Compaq Presario CQ60-420US, ethernet, HP, ipconfig, problem, ubuntu, usb adapter, vista

05/13/10 - Ubuntu 10.04 Adjustments: Software Source List
disabled on upgrade to lucid, lucid lynx, Software Sources, sources.list, Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu Tweak, unsupported updates

05/10/10 - Enabling PAE on Ubuntu 10.04
32-bit RAM limit, lucid lynx, PAE-enabled kernel, Ubuntu 10.04

05/10/10 - Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
10.04, alternate cd, grub rescue, grub-pc, grub_puts_, installation, installing, lucid lynx, reinstall GRUB boot loader, ubuntu

05/10/10 - Tweaking Ubuntu 10.04
autocorrect, brother MFC-7340, Compiz, desktop icons, fonts, freeware, Grub, lucid lynx, PAE-enabled kernel, Software Sources, synaptic, Ubuntu 10.04, update, upgrade, VMware Workstation 7

05/10/10 - Google Desktop on 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10
64-bit, 9.10, Google Desktop, indexing, ubuntu

05/08/10 - Overpopulation, Eugenics, and Reproductive Rights
climate change, drought, Earth, environmental psychology, famine, food, landscape, overfishing, overpopulation global warming, population density, savannah, seafloor destruction, starvation

05/07/10 - Notes from "Counting Working-Age People with Disabilities"
ACS, data, definitions of disability, disability statistics, SIPP, weathers

04/01/10 - Some Suggestions for Child Protection Courts
adoption, advocacy, agency, child protection, childrearing, court, judge, pro bono, referee, upbringing

03/25/10 - Restoring GRUB on Dual-Boot Vista-Ubuntu (9.10) Machine
dual-boot, fstab, Grub, karmic koala, ubuntu 9.10, vista, waiting for UUID

03/22/10 - Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP): Core Questions on Disability
2008 Panel, Census Bureau, Core Questionnaire, SIPP, Survey of Income and Program Participation

03/22/10 - Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP): Topical Questions on Disability
2008 Panel, Census Bureau, disability statistics, functional limitations, SIPP, Survey of Income and Program Participation, Topical Modules, Wave 6

03/22/10 - Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP): An Introduction
Census Bureau, DEWS, poverty, re-engineered SIPP, SIPP, Survey of Income and Program Participation

03/20/10 - Ubuntu 9.10: Mounting and Dismounting Blues
cannot stat, fuser, karmic koala, mount failed, ubuntu 9.10, unable to mount daily

03/19/10 - The Purpose of a Lawyer
abstract principles, attorney-client communications, bankruptcy law, client education, constitutional law, criminal law, democracy, divorce law, purpose of a lawyer

03/18/10 - Critique of Harris & Walton on Narrative Skills and School Conflicts
boys, conflict management, conflict suppression, girls, harris, narrative theory, qualitative research, urban schools, walton

03/18/10 - Critique of Mano & Mesch on E-mail at Work
distress, e-mail, email, mano, mesch, stress, work effectiveness, work-related

03/18/10 - Cornell's EDI 2008 Disability Status Report Webinar: A Review
2008, ACS, American Community Survey, Cornell University, Disability Status Reports, EDI, Employment and Disability Institute, ILR School, webinar

03/17/10 - Cornell ILR EDI 2008 Disability Status Reports
2008, ACS, American Community Survey, Cornell University, Disability Status Reports, EDI, Employment and Disability Institute, ILR School

03/17/10 - File Is Not Accessible. Access Is Denied.
Access is denied, fstab, virtual machine, VM, VMware Workstation 7, Windows XP*, WinXP*

03/15/10 - Backpack for Running
backpack for runners, backpack for running, backpacks for runners, backpacks for running, black diamond, deuter speed lite, lowe alpine, runner's backpacks

03/13/10 - Using a Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows XP on an Uncooperative Laptop
bootable USB, Compaq Presario CQ60-420US, install, windows xp, WinSetupFromUSB, winxp

03/13/10 - Windows XP SP3 CD Won't Boot
32-bit, 64-bit, bootable, CPU, CPU-Z, drivers, Intel, iso, nLite, Penryn, Pentium, SATA, T4200, windows xp, winnt, winnt32, winxp

03/09/10 - About Disability Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC)
29 U.S.C. 764, ADA,, Americans with Disabilities Act, CORR, DBTAC, NARIC, NIDRR, RRTC, U.S. Department of Education

03/08/10 - Disabilities and Politically Correct Terminology: Some Current Articles
disability, disabled, handicap, PC, political correctness, politically correct, terminology

03/07/10 - Problems Installing Updates on Windows XP (KB976881 and KB977713)
KB976881, KB977713, Some updates could not be installed, The update cannot be applied, VMware Workstation 7, windows xp

03/06/10 - Major Types of Disabilities
categories of disabilities, kinds of disabilities, types of disabilities, varieties of disabilities

03/06/10 - What Is the Disability Community?
definition of the disability community, divisions within the disability community

03/03/10 - VMware Workstation 7: Improving Performance in 32-bit Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
4GB limit, karmic koala, kernel, PAE, ram disk, ram drive, ramdisk, ubuntu 9.10, VMware Workstation 7

03/01/10 - No Sound on Ubuntu 9.10 and VMware Workstation 7 (again!)
64-bit, ALSA, karmic koala, no audio, no sound, PCI, ubuntu 9.10, VMware Workstation 7, x64

03/01/10 - Ubuntu 9.10: Downgrading from 64-bit to 32-bit Karmic Koala
32-bit, 64-bit, downgrade, downgrading, karmic koala, ubuntu 9.10, VMware Workstation 7, x32, x64

03/01/10 - Installing 32-bit Ubuntu 9.10 -- Additional Tweaks
tweak, ubuntu 9.10, upgrade

02/18/10 - Critique of Friedman & Currall on E-mail
conflict management, e-mail, electronic communications, email, flame wars, flaming, newsgroups, relationships, usenet

02/10/10 - Ubuntu 9.10, VMware Workstation 7: Failed to Open Sound Device (Workaround)
/dev/audio, audio, firefox, flash, jaunty jackalope, sound device, stuttering, ubuntu 9.10, video, vmware, Workstation 7, youtube

02/06/10 - Error While Resizing Vista NTFS Partition with GParted
An error occurred while applying the operations, gparted, live CD, ntfs, partition, resize, ubuntu, vista

01/25/10 - Plugins Needed in Ubuntu 9.10
64-bit, ADPCM, chkdsk, codec, corrupt file, karmic koala, media files, Medibuntu repository, microsoft, Movie Player, multimedia, plugin, ubuntu 9.10, wav file, x64

01/18/10 - Configuring 64-Bit Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
9.10, auto super grub disk, automount, firefox, fstab, google earth, grub2, installation, karmic koala, menu.lst, nvidia, pysdm, synaptic package manager, ubuntu, VMware Workstation 7

01/18/10 - PsYDM in Ubuntu -- A Bust
automount, bugs, drives, partitions, psydm

01/18/10 - Firefox and FEBE Problems in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)
febe, firefox, karmic koala, reinstallation, ubuntu 9.10

01/04/10 - American Community Survey: 2008 Update: Defining Disability
2006, 2008, ACS, American Community Survey, Brault, definitions of disability, functionalist, instrumentalist, local level, theory

01/03/10 - American Community Survey (2003): Disabilities on the State Level
ACS, American Community Survey, Census Bureau, disabilities, employment, poverty, prevalence, states, unemployment

01/02/10 - American Community Survey (2003): Disabilities Nationwide
ACS, activity limitations, American Community Survey, disabilities, households, IADL, impairments, mental disabilities, mental impairments, participation restrictions, weathers, working-age population

12/31/09 - Ubuntu 9.04: Backing Up and Copying Webpages and Websites
backing up, backup, Blogger, Blogspot, copying, LiveJournal, rsync, ubuntu, webpages, websites, wget, WordPress

12/31/09 - Notes on Converting Word Processing Documents from 1985-1995
Advanced Computer Innovations, conversion, convert, converter, converting, microsoft office converter pack, old files, text, windows xp, winxp, word processing, WordStar, xywrite III+

12/30/09 - Sorting and Manipulating a Long Text List to Eliminate Some Files
bash, duplicate files, duplicates, excel, freeware, import, lists of files, PrintFolders, redirect, redirection, script, shell, sort, sorted, sorting, text lists, ubuntu, windows xp

12/29/09 - Ubuntu: Schedule Items with Cron
automatically, bash, cron, crontab, gedit, karmic koala, nano, programs, RAID, recurrent, root, rsync, run, Scheduled Tasks, scripts, shell, sudo, ubuntu 9.10

12/29/09 - Basic Ubuntu (Bash) Shell Scripts
back up files, backup, bash, bash_profile, chmod, crontab, e-mail, email, gedit, path, permissions, rsync, scripts, thunderbird

12/29/09 - Ubuntu: Backup with Rsync
backup, daemon, jump drive, man, network, ntfs, rdiff-backup, rsync, server, terminal, ubuntu, USB drive, wget

12/29/09 - Collarbone Surgery
break, broken, clavicle, collarbone, insert a plate, orthopaedic, orthopaedist, orthopedic, orthopedist, surgeon, surgery

12/29/09 - Ubuntu Linux, VMware, 64-bit WinXP Guest: Getting Online
bridged, getting online, jaunty jackalope, NAT, network adapter, ubuntu 9.04, VM, vmware workstation 6.5.2, x64

12/29/09 - Long-Term Backup Verification: Beyond Compare, in Windows and Ubuntu
64-bit, Araxis Merge, Beyond Compare, compare files, compare folders, CRC checksum, file comparison, folder comparison, linux, Scooter Software, ubuntu, windows xp

12/29/09 - Installing Ubuntu 9.04: External USB Drive
AvaFind, BADMBR, bios update, DiskPart, dual boot, external hard drive enclosure, hiren's bootCD, linux, ntfsprogs, Rosewill RX-358-S SLV, SATA, sp3, ubuntu 9.04, usb, Windows Vista, windows xp

12/29/09 - Converting Real Media Video to Other Formats
AVOne, CamStudio, conversion, converter, converting, Debut, Easy RealMedia, Oxelon, Real Media, RM, super (C), super C, video, Video Cleaner Pro

12/29/09 - Ubuntu 9.04: Error While Copying; Folder Contents Not Displayed; Input/Output Error
error stating file, error while copying, esata, external hard drive enclosure, Rosewill, RX-358-S SLV, SATA, serial ata, ubuntu 9.04, usb

12/29/09 - Full Disk in Ubuntu 9.04
backup, empty trash, full disk, gksudo, gparted, grep, nautilus, synaptic, ubuntu 9.04

12/29/09 - System Files Backup in Ubuntu 9.04
acronis true image 11, backup, rsync, TIB

12/26/09 - Arbeit Macht Frei - Origin of the Phrase
anti-semitism, antisemitism, arbeit macht frei, bonuses, concentration camps, germany, goldman sachs, hitler, Holocaust, nazi, Rudolf Hoess, World War II, WWII

12/18/09 - American Community Survey (2003): National Population Statistics
ACS, American Community Survey, disability statistics, group quarters, households, institutional, people with disabilities, persons with disabilities, population, resident population, weathers

12/10/09 - rsync, USB Drive, Error 30: "Read-Only File System"
30, code 23, delete_file, error 30, failed to set permissions, failed to set times, mkstemp, read-only file system, rsync, unlink

11/26/09 - Suggestion to Yahoo! Answers
best answer, filter, subcategorize, suggestion, Yahoo Answers

11/17/09 - Definitions of Disability
ACS, American Community Survey, Census Bureau, defining, definitions of disability, disabilities defined, functional limitations, medical model, social model

11/17/09 - Browsing the Cornell University Disability Statistics Website
American Community Survey, Cornell University, county, disability statistics, people with disabilities, persons with disabilities, PWDs

11/07/09 - Religion and Me
catholic, christian, conservative, existence of God, jewish, liberal, lutheran, muslim, presbyterian, protestant, religion, spirituality, truth

11/07/09 - Ways to Transfer a 20GB File to a Laptop
(No tags)

10/24/09 - How to Put Batteries into the Jia Hao LED Bivouac Light
batteries, Bivouac, camping, Jia Hao, LED, Light

10/11/09 - Making a Map with Epi Info
1998, average income, cdc, epi info, epi map, epiinfo, epimap, indiana, poverty

10/11/09 - Video: Ten Years of Income and Poverty Fluctuations in Indiana
counties, epi info, epi map, epiinfo, epimap, income, indiana, per capita, poverty, video*, youtube

09/28/09 - Best of the Month: Clippings
(No tags)

09/27/09 - Installing a Brother MFC-7340 Multifunction Printer in Ubuntu 9.04
9.04, brother MFC-7340, jaunty jackalope, linux, multifunction compatible, ubuntu

09/19/09 - GPG Error - Public Key Not Available
gpg error, no_pubkey, opera, public key not available, update manager, wget

09/19/09 - GRUB Error 17
acronis true image 11, dual boot, error 17, Grub, windows xp, winxp

09/11/09 - How to Keep Up with Everything: RSS
ann arbor, keeping up, rss feeds, xml

09/06/09 - Reply to Spitzer on Free Speech
accommodation, agreement, compromise, cooperation, eliot spitzer, first amendment, free speech

09/01/09 - Configuring 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 with Vista Dual-Boot
64-bit, BIOS, compaq CQ60-420US, configuration, configure, dual boot, ext3, febe, firefox, google earth, gparted, jaunty jackalope, laptop, nautilus, ntfs, ubuntu 9.04, vista

08/31/09 - Best of the Month: Clippings
(No tags)

08/25/09 - Booting Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive
bootable, flash drive, jump drive, thumb drive, usb, windows xp, winxp

08/25/09 - Installing Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope): Update?
installation, jaunty jackalope, synaptic, ubuntu 9.04, update

08/15/09 - Transitioning from Windows-Based Palm PDA and Outlook to Ubuntu 9.04
companionlink, csv, gmail, google calendar, ics, lightning, mozilla, palm, pda, personal information management, personal information manager, PIM, synchronization, thunderbird, ubuntu 9.04, zire

08/11/09 - Best of 2006: Time to Sell the House!
time to sell the house

08/11/09 - Best of 2006: Late-Night Political News
(No tags)

08/10/09 - Another Try with VMware Workstation and Player
64-bit, audio problem, jaunty jackalope, no sound, silent, ubuntu 9.04, vmware, vmware player, vmware workstation 6.5.2, x64

08/09/09 - Trying to Use a FreeDOS USB Drive to Flash the BIOS via Ubuntu
bios update, flash the bios, floppies, floppy disk drive, freedos, ubuntu 9.04, UNetbootin, USB drive

08/08/09 - VirtualBox 3.0 Instead of VMware Workstation 6.5?
installation, virtualbox, vmware workstation 6.5.2

08/08/09 - Linking Virtual and Physical WinXP Machines with The Tornado
ethernet, linux, move files, the tornado, ubuntu, usb, vmware, windows xp

08/06/09 - Remarkable Videos of 2006 (April - December)
(No tags)

08/06/09 - Best of 2006: Excerpts from The Onion
(No tags)

08/06/09 - Best of 2006: My Personal Newsletter Post on Buying a House
desertification, house prices, houseboat, real estate, sell your house

08/06/09 - Ubuntu 9.04, VMware Workstation 6.5.2: Failed to Open Sound Device (continued)
/dev/audio, /dev/dsp, auto detect, pulseaudio, sound card, virtual machines, vms, vmware workstation 6.5.2

08/01/09 - Best Clippings of the Year, April-December 2006
(No tags)

07/29/09 - Other Virtualization Solutions to Play Audio in Ubuntu 9.04
IrfanView, operating systems, ubuntu 9.04, virtual appliances, virtualization, vmware workstation 6.5.2, wine

07/28/09 - Review: Olympus WS-321M Digital Voice Recorder
aqua deskperience, digital voice recorder, dvr, olympus, vn-960pc, ws-321m

07/28/09 - Installing and Using IrfanView for Audio in Ubuntu 9.04
9.04, Error, IrfanView, jaunty jackalope, ubuntu, wine

07/25/09 - How to Find a Large Number of Random Files on Your Computer
batch, dos, excel, files, move, search, windows xp

07/22/09 - Ubuntu 9.04, VMware Workstation 6.5.2: Failed to Open Sound Device
/dev/audio, oss, sound device, soundsystem, ubuntu, vmware

07/21/09 - Suggestions for a Varied Approach to Running
backpack, bicycle, bike, distance, exercise, fanny pack, jog, marathon, run, sprint, trail, triathlon, workout

07/19/09 - Recognizing Partitions Automatically in Ubuntu 9.04
9.04, automount, automounting, ext3, hash marks, jaunty jackalope, linux, mount, mountpoint, nautilus, ntfs, partitions, pysdm, sdm, synaptic, terminal, ubuntu

07/02/09 - Paradox for DOS Viewer in Ubuntu 9.04 and VMware Workstation
corel wordperfect office, dosemu, export data, paradox 7, paradox for DOS, paradox viewer, ubuntu 9.04, vmware workstation 6.5.2

05/11/09 - Installing 64-bit VMware Workstation 6.5.2 on 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04
64-bit, 8.04, 9.04, converter, install, jaunty jackalope, nautilus, ubuntu, video, vmware, workstation, x64

05/08/09 - Configuring 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)
64-bit, 9.04, configuration, installation, jaunty jackalope, ubuntu

05/08/09 - Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 to 9.04
8.04, 8.10, 9.04, error 24, Grub, install, installation, jaunty jackalope, ubuntu

03/26/09 - Best of the Month, Three Years Ago
(No tags)

03/15/09 - Ubuntu and VMware: Cannot Install This Hardware
cannot install this hardware, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp

03/15/09 - Ubuntu ASGD: Fix of Boot Failed
asgd, auto super grub disk, fix of boot failed, intrepid ibex, ubuntu, windows xp

03/06/09 - I Have a Bad Feeling About This
aig, bailout, banks, China, citibank, debts, famine, loans, starvation, survival, united states

02/24/09 - Pondering the Economy of the Next 20 Years
ben bernanke, economic prediction, federal reserve, housing market, saving, U.S. economy

02/24/09 - Strong, Prompt, Effective Presidential Action Needed on Credit Crisis
banks, citibank, credit crisis, financial sector, mortgage-backed securities, nationalization, president obama, toxic assets

02/23/09 - Another Perspective on Consumption
economic growth, economy, employment, famine, food, health care, leisure, medicine, starvation

02/20/09 - Ubuntu: GRUB Error 22, Error 15
alternate cd, auto super grub disk, error 15, grub error 22, ubuntu

02/16/09 - The Graduate and Gestalt
1960s, 1970s, anne bancroft, bus, dustin hoffman, katharine ross, mike nichols, normalcy, punk rock, simon and garfunkel, sounds of silence, the graduate

02/01/09 - WinXP Message: Deleting an index entry from index $0 of file 25
deleting an index entry from index $0 of file 25, linux, ubuntu, windows xp, winxp

02/01/09 - Ubuntu and VMware: New Installation
8.10, intrepid ibex, ubuntu, virtual machine, virtualization, vmware, windows xp

02/01/09 - Best of the Month, Three Years Ago
(No tags)

01/22/09 - Suggestion to Obama: Seek a Constitutional Amendment on Science
barack obama, bush administration, constitutional amendment, defamation, intellectual inquiry, protect science, scientific research

01/18/09 - Coolness Advice to Obama
barack obama, cool, coolness, ronald reagan, statesmanship

01/14/09 - A Few Thoughts on Deflation
barack obama, depression, great depression, retailing, stock market, stocks

01/09/09 - WinXP Error: Invalid UI Language Registration List
corel, invalid ui language registration list, vmware, windows xp, wordperfect

01/09/09 - Ubuntu DVD Burning Problem
burn dvds, iso, nero, ubuntu

01/02/09 - Like Father, Like Son: Another Bush's Parting Shots
bill clinton, blackhawk down, bush administration, imbroglio, somalia

01/02/09 - Best of the Month, Three Years Ago: January 2006
(No tags)

01/01/09 - Prediction: Obama Won't Pull It Off
barack obama, confidence, deficit spending, dianne feinstein, economy, FDR, great depression, hillary clinton

12/28/08 - How to View the YouTube Videos for the Top 100 Songs of the Year
music videos, Top 100 Songs of 2008, youtube

12/26/08 - Maybe It's Time for the Next Crisis
crisis, deprivation, great depression, World War II

12/20/08 - What Seems to Have Happened to the Economy
banks, conservative, depression, economy, meltdown

11/27/08 - 9/11 Is Over
barack obama, God bless America, God is on our side, Iraq, world trade center

11/10/08 - Three Years Ago: Best of 2005: November
(No tags)

10/28/08 - Prediction for the Economy, Near-Term
(No tags)

10/18/08 - Thank-You to the Brain Damage Lady
bicycling, brain damage, helmet, safety

10/16/08 - Ubuntu and VMware: VPN and Error 769
error 769, ubuntu, vmware

10/12/08 - Contrarian Prediction: Deflation
debt, deflation, dollar, immigrants, inflation, stock market, u.s. treasury

10/02/08 - American Progress Report: Many Still Favor Bush
barack obama, future of democracy, George bush, john mccain, ronald reagan

09/30/08 - Best of 2005: October
(No tags)

09/30/08 - Ubuntu and VMware: Summary for Now
linux, summary, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, wine, winxp, workstation

09/24/08 - The Bailout Sounds Bad
aig, bailout, barack obama, bill clinton, democratic party, goldman sachs, henry paulson, john mccain, republicans

09/23/08 - Ubuntu, GRUB, and Acronis True Image: Restoring
dual boot, Grub, linux, super grub disk, ubuntu, windows xp, winxp

09/13/08 - Ubuntu and VMware: Miscellaneous Fixes
dvgrab, hardy heron, linux, rsnapshot, rsync, second copy 2000, ubuntu, video, vmware, windows xp, winxp

09/13/08 - Second Life: Reactions to the Concept
counterproductive, second life, sl, symptom, therapeutic, virtual reality

09/13/08 - 2008 Presidential Campaign Progress Report
barack obama, election day, hillary clinton, joe biden, john mccain, November, prediction, sarah palin

09/09/08 - Ubuntu and VMware: Two Months On
64-bit, 8.04, amd64, hardy heron, ubuntu, virtualization, vmware workstation 6, windows xp, winxp, x64

09/07/08 - Best of 2005: September
george w. bush, hurricane katrina, john roberts, presidential speechalist

09/05/08 - In the Name of Tibet and Kosovo, Give Up on Abkhazia
abkhazia, georgia, Russia, south ossetia

09/04/08 - In Admiration of John McCain
barack obama, class act, election, hillary clinton, john mccain, sarah palin

09/03/08 - Palin, Scandal, and Moral Superiority
bill clinton, christian, christlike, faith, George bush, hillary clinton, morality, pharisee, publican, republican, sarah palin

09/03/08 - Ubuntu and VMware: Fixing, Fixing, Fixing
8.04, firefox, hardy, heron, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, winxp

09/02/08 - Reinstalling Ubuntu and VMware
(No tags)

09/01/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: Failed NVIDIA Fix; Other Fixes
drivers, envyNG, graphics, nvidia, ubuntu, vmware

08/31/08 - Sarah Palin: The Clarence Thomas of 2008
George bush, john mccain, presidency, sarah palin

08/31/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: Backing Up and Restoring
(No tags)

08/31/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: Dual Monitor Nightmare
dual monitor, multiple monitors, ubuntu, vmware, xorg.conf

08/28/08 - Wild and Crazy VP Prediction: It's Arnold!
arnold schwarzenegger, barack obama, jesse ventura, john mccain, vice president

08/28/08 - Second Life: Introduction to a Virtual World
mitch kapor, opensim, second life, virtual reality

08/25/08 - Barack, Hillary, Bill, and Biden: I Was Wrong Once
barack obama, bill clinton, convention, joe biden, John Edwards, john mccain, primary election

08/23/08 - Pastor Rick Warren, John McCain, and Barack Obama
barack obama, john mccain, pastor rick warren, saddleback church

08/21/08 - Early Prediction: It's Obama
barack obama, early prediction, election, john mccain, November

08/19/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: More Fixes
ubuntu, virtual machines, vmware, windows xp, winxp

08/16/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: August
(No tags)

08/15/08 - If I Were Vladimir Putin
bush, georgia, john mccain, poland, putin, Russia, ukraine

08/14/08 - Message to Barack Obama re: Georgia
archduke ferdinand, barack obama, cold war, georgia, john mccain, Russia, WWI

08/10/08 - The American Renaissance
american renaissance, beijing olympics, buddhist, capitalist, China, europe, India, peace corps, philanthropy, Russia, taoist, tibet, ussr

08/10/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: Opening, Backing Up, and Moving VMs
linux, pdf, ubuntu, virtual machines, vmware workstation 6, windows xp, winxp

08/03/08 - If I Were Al-Qaeda
Afghanistan, barack obama, election day, Iraq, john mccain, osama bin laden

08/02/08 - VMware in Ubuntu: Configuring Virtual Machines
linux, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, winxp, workstation

08/02/08 - Decline of the U.S.: Where It All Started
Afghanistan, allende, america, batista, bush, iran, Iraq, ky, morning in america, mubarak, musharraf, petraeus, pinochet, reagan, shah, thieu, united states, Vietnam

08/01/08 - A Brief Anti-Climatic Prognostication
climate, drought, famine, global warming, Greenland, ice cap, ice shelf, research, riots, sea levels

07/31/08 - Virtualization Options in Ubuntu (cont'd)
linux, ubuntu, virtualbox, virtualization, vmware, win xp, windows xp, winxp, workstation

07/31/08 - Ubuntu and Router Continued
linksys, linux, router, ubuntu, windows xp, winxp

07/27/08 - Virtualization in Ubuntu: VirtualBox or Wine Replacing VMware?
linux, ubuntu, virtualbox, virtualization, vmware, windows xp, winxp

07/24/08 - VMware: Trying Minimalist WinXP Installations
gparted, linux, ubuntu, virtual machines, vmware, windows xp, winxp

07/17/08 - War and Peace: Creating an Ubuntu System with WinXP as a VMware Guest
Drive Image, envyNG, firefox, ping, ubuntu, vmware, windows xp, winxp

07/14/08 - DSL, Hardware Firewall, Router, and Ubuntu
(No tags)

07/09/08 - Drive Image 2002, Error #1609
1609, Drive Image, Drive Image 2002, Drive Image XML, DriveImage, Error #1609, Error 1609, PowerQuest

07/09/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: June & July
jimmy carter, John kerry, karl rove, morphine, president bush, sandra day o'connor

07/09/08 - AT&T DSL Installation
att, dsl, internet, linux, ubuntu, win98, windows

06/24/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: May
best of 2005, david letterman, donald rumsfeld, funny clippings, Iraq, jay leno, may 2005, pilot tests

06/24/08 - Here's the Deal: Barack, Hillary, and Bill
barack obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton, vice president

06/24/08 - Iranian President Khatami Should Visit Montana
9/11, ayatollah khamenei, iran, islamic extremist, militia, mohammed khatami, montana militia, September 11, u.s. government

06/23/08 - Importing AutoCorrect Entries from Microsoft Word into OpenOffice Writer II
autocorrect, microsoft word, OOo, open office

06/22/08 - Importing AutoCorrect Entries from Microsoft Word into OpenOffice Writer
autocorrect, en masse, entries, import, importation, importing, mass import, microsoft word, OOo, open office, word, writer

06/17/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: April
best of 2005, bush, Dick cheney, Iraq, state of the union, unitarian jihad

06/16/08 - Lyrics Here -- But Who's the Artist, and What Song?
i wish that I could be decisive, lyrics needed, martha and the muffins

06/03/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: March
borowitz report, march 2005, martha stewart, prison, terry schiavo

06/03/08 - The World May Get Bigger
Americans, collective ignorance, distant lands, international travel, jet fuel, U.S., united states, xenophobia

05/30/08 - The Tax We Needed
clinton health care plan, courage, democrats, economy, gas mileage, gas taxes, high taxes, newt gingrich, oil, price of oil, republicans, saudi arabia, SUVs, terrorism, voters, welfare

05/28/08 - Another Cynical Bush Foreign Entanglement?
bill clinton, bush, cynical, election, somalia

05/19/08 - It Might Be Hillary After All
barack obama, democratic, early prediction, hillary clinton, john mccain, primary election, race, republican, veep, vice president

05/19/08 - Registry Edit to Let Excel 2003 Read Quattro Files
excel 2003, file blocked, lotus, quattro, registry edit, registry policy setting, service pack 3

05/19/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2005: January & February
bush, definitions, jokes

05/08/08 - Al Gore as Vice President
al gore, barack obama, campaign, democrats, hillary clinton, john mccain, presidency, primary election, vice president

05/08/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: November & December
Abbas, Arafat, Borowitz, China, david letterman, donald rumsfeld, hillary clinton, John kerry, late-night news, Leno, Mencken, president bush, universities

05/05/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: September & October
beijing olympics, Best of 2004, cigarettes, david letterman, Dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, florida, George bush, John Edwards, John kerry, nader, voting

05/03/08 - The Linux Newbie Replies: WFM?
computerese, did you read the memo, linux, newbie, read the fucking manual, rtfm, wfm

04/29/08 - Update: Recorded Speech to Text Conversion
computer, conversion, digital audio, Dragon, interviews, Naturally Speaking, NaturallySpeaking, Nuance, qualitative research, recorder, software, speech to text

04/19/08 - Politicizing the Olympics: A Compromise
2008, 53, beijing, competition, compromise, depoliticization, depoliticize, olympics, politics, protest

04/19/08 - Why the Tibet Protests Are Important
China, Iraq, olympics, protests, superpower, tiananmen square, tibet

04/12/08 - Iraq: What Happens When They Neglect the Peace Corps
army, expenditures, Iraq, military, peace corps, volunteers

04/11/08 - The End of Capitalism as We Know It
economic growth, end of capitalism, environment, free market, pandemic, prosperity, stock market, subprime mortgage meltdown

04/01/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: August
Iraq, late-night humor, political news

04/01/08 - Why We Separate Church and State
Bible, christian, fundamentalist, in god we trust, new testament, scripture, sheep, wolves

03/31/08 - The Ultimate Intellectual Piracy
1960s, 53, China, copying, dalai lama, ho chi minh, intellectual property, international opinion, piracy, tibet, U.S., united states, Vietnam

03/28/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: July
bush, clippings, come up for air, marijuana, special people

03/21/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: June
clippings, jokes, June 2004, news, stories

03/17/08 - War: The Timing Was Off
53, economy, great depression, Iraq, war

02/23/08 - Recession: Expect More Flakiness
america, corporate power, corporatism, equality, fairness, flake, flakiness, flaky, future, poverty, recession, routine transactions, rule of law, U.S., united states

02/22/08 - Fools and Their Money
crisis, fool and his money, Iraq, president bush, reagan, S and L, savings and loan, student loans

02/18/08 - Getting Old
1960s, 1970s, 53, alice cooper, baby boomers, eighteen, getting old, goldie hawn, grey hair, old fart

02/07/08 - A Bet: It's McCain in the End
barack obama, candidate, early bet, early prediction, hillary clinton, john mccain, primary election

02/04/08 - 2008 Beijing Olympics: The Chinese Government Is Screwed
2008, beijing, China, clean air, clean water, dissent, olympics, repression

01/30/08 - Virtual Reality Could Reduce Academic Elitism
academia, business school, elite, elitism, interconnection, universities, virtual reality

01/28/08 - Ceding Sovereignty
fire sale, foreign investors, insolvency, u.s. treasury

01/26/08 - Early Bet: It's Obama
*election, barack obama, democratic, early bet, hillary clinton, john mccain, mitt romney, new hampshire, November, primary election, south carolina

01/25/08 - China: Reduce Inflation by Dumping Dollars?
bonds, China, debt, demand, economy, inflation, manipulation, overheating, U.S., united states

01/22/08 - Recession: Acceleration at the Top
2008, crisis, economists, predictions, recession, rollercoaster, stock market

01/21/08 - China and Australia: Two Scenarios
australia, China, coalition, confrontation, India, military, resources, Russia, threat, U.S., united states

01/18/08 - How to Know When a Bear Market Is Ending
bear market, dow, great depression, stock market crash

01/17/08 - Hillary and Mitt: Studies in Political Sincerity
cynical, democrat, emotion, hillary clinton, iowa, john mccain, lie, lying, michigan, mitt romney, new hampshire, politician, primary election, reality, republican, truth

01/16/08 - One Factor Auguring a Depression
bernanke, depression, dollar, euro, fed, gold, greenspan, inflation, recession, stock market

01/11/08 - Market Peaks and Troughs; How It Seems to Work
(No tags)

01/02/08 - How to Print a Long Webpage or Image File
acrobat, IrfanView, long image file, long webpage, ocr, pdf, png

01/01/08 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: May
(No tags)

12/11/07 - The Luxury of Having a Parent
complaint, dad, death, domestic peace, equilibrium, parent, parenting

12/09/07 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: April
(No tags)

12/09/07 - External Hard Drive Problem: Cypress AT2LP RC58 Error
apricorn, external hard drive enclosure, ide, rma

12/03/07 - On Mortgages: Beware Henry Paulson?
ARM, default, foreclosure, henry paulson, mortgages, subprime crisis, treasury secretary

12/01/07 - WinXP Loops at Startup: Loading, Saving, Logging Off -- Forever
Bart PE, BartPE, loading, logging off, looping, registry

11/25/07 - Comment on the Economy
clean water, community, criminal gangs, economy, environment, globalization, health care, housing, Latin America, mortgages, neighborhood, pollution, property values, real estate, recession

11/24/07 - The Next Jewish Diaspora: Another Approach to Eretz Yisrael
disapora, eretz yisrael, israel, jews, judeo-christian heritage, medieval, terrorism

11/15/07 - I Will Never Visit My Parents Again
family dynamics, father's role, intergenerational dysfunctionality, Roger Woodcock, self-inflicted wound, unwelcome in his own home, visit my parents

11/15/07 - We Birds of Autumn Must Fly Together
astrology, birth month, birth season, birthday, born in the autumn, libra, sagittarius, scorpio, virgo

11/13/07 - Anticipating the Funeral: How Should I Feel?
death, family, feelings, funeral home, his son, hope, memorial, Roger Woodcock, well-wishers

11/13/07 - Transitions in Death
death, memorialization, nursing home, Roger Woodcock, they should all have a chance to die of old age, transitions, Veterans Day, visitors

11/12/07 - Veterans Day
Afghanistan, CCC, Iraq, My dad has died, parks, they should all have a chance to die of old age, trees, Veterans Day, Vietnam, why the hell do people have to keep killing each other, World War II

11/09/07 - Speculation on Mass Relocation in the U.S.
desalinization, drought, famine, future, housing, LA, Los Angeles, migration, overpopulation, Phoenix, population, prediction, starvation

10/24/07 - Bible Study: John 1:1. The Bible Is Not the Word of God
Bible, book, contradiction, fundamentalist, God, gospel, Greek, Hebrew, inerrancy, inerrant, inspiration, inspired, interpretation, John, lawyer, literal, logos, perfect, scripture, translation

10/21/07 - Review: Kodak C653 Digital Camera
batteries, battery life, c653, digital camera, kodak, review, video

10/20/07 - Buying a Slave for Myself
(No tags)

10/20/07 - Review: AvaFind
(No tags)

10/20/07 - Review: Canon imageCLASS MF5770 Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Fax
Canon, fax, MF5700 series, MF5730, MF5770, multifunction, paper feed, paper tray, printer, quality, review, scanner

10/20/07 - Windows XP Boots But Won't Run Programs
diagnostic startup, Gigabyte GA-M61P-S3, MSI motherboard

10/19/07 - Inflation Theory
(No tags)

10/18/07 - Speculation on Home Prices
China, drought, electricity, gas, house prices, housing, mortgage, price of oil, real estate, resources, water

10/13/07 - My Publications: People's Republic of Plato
(No tags)

10/13/07 - My Publications: Take the Bar and Beat Me
(No tags)

10/13/07 - My Publications: Bureaucrat: Service with a Smile
(No tags)

10/13/07 - My Publications: Inside the Mind of a Judge
(No tags)

10/12/07 - Installed New Motherboard; Don't Want to Reinstall WinXP
bsod, fresh install, installation, new motherboard, recovery console, reinstall, reinstallation, safe mode, windows xp, winxp

10/12/07 - Supporting Our Troops in Iraq
(No tags)

10/10/07 - Grey Poupon, Kraft, Tobacco, Beer, and Boycotts
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09/27/07 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: March
(No tags)

09/21/07 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: February
(No tags)

09/14/07 - Investment Thoughts: Timing the Housing Purchase
(No tags)

09/12/07 - No Drives Are Attached, or Drives Are Powered Down
attached, BIOS, drives, FIXBOOT, FIXMBR, Grub, Phillips SPD2513BD, powered down, Professional, SATA, ubuntu, Windows XP Pro, winxp

09/05/07 - Some Stages in Today's Bear Market (Thinking Especially of Homes)
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09/03/07 - Working with Files and Folders
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09/03/07 - Crystal Ball Gazing: Finances
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09/03/07 - More Efficient Use of Global Financial Resources
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09/03/07 - Privacy
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09/03/07 - Chinese Expansionism
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08/29/07 - Doing a Mass Search in Google
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08/27/07 - Internet Telephony with Skype, VoSKY IPW, and a Cordless Phone
actiontec, cordless phone, pro, Skype, skypein, skypeout, voice over internet protocol, VoIP, VoSKY, windows xp, winxp, wizard

08/27/07 - Long-Term File Backup and Integrity
algorithm, archival, archives, backup CD, DVD, file backup, hkSFV, integrity verification, long-term, MD5, offsite, onsite, SFV, verify files

08/26/07 - No Video in MPEGs
no video MPG MPEG ATI codecs Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 winxp Windows XP AVI IrfanView

08/25/07 - A Quick and Easy Desktop Computer
(No tags)

08/25/07 - One Keyboard, Two Computers
one keyboard two computers dual monitors IOGear KVM switch Belkin Aten

08/25/07 - Error 1324: Path Contains an Invalid Character
Error 1324 path contains an invalid character reg regedit registry

08/13/07 - Olympus VN-960PC Review and Tech Support
Olympus VN-960PC digital voice recorder DVR review mini USB BSOD crash Digital Wave Player DWP unrecognized not recognized install software

08/05/07 - MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard -- Installation Ordeal
MSI P6N SLI Platinum motherboard mobo nforce 650 650i installation drivers nVidia WDM pci device

08/04/07 - Canon Scanner Installation Woes
imageclass canon mf5730 canoscan 8400f scanner driver toolbox twain usb registry wia

08/03/07 - Virtualization: Running Ubuntu and WinXP in WinXP
Windows XP WinXP virtualization Ubuntu Wubi Wuby VMware Converter Server Tools Console Virtual PC 2007 host guest VirtualBox Wine Lindows Linspire

08/02/07 - Dual Monitor, Primary One Blacked Out
dual monitor reschanger 2005 reschangerxp nvidia evga black monitor blacked screen blanked display driver heaven ccleaner forceware video graphics multiple nforce drivers other pci bridge device

08/02/07 - My Guides to Sleeping in Airports
Sea-Tac Seattle Tacoma Providence Palm Springs amtrak railroad station budget traveler's guide to sleeping in airports

08/01/07 - Catching Up: Best of 2004: January
Bush voters Iraq Al Gore economy housing inflation mortgages charity health care Howard Dean road rage free medication court quotes pilot sleeping in airports

07/29/07 - Review: Canon CanoScan 8400F Film/Negative Scanner
canon scanner canoscan 8400f film negative 3200dpi

07/28/07 - System Crash Woes
crash freeze reboot motherboard hardware Recovery Console boot.ini bootup Normal Mode Safe Mode FIXMBR NTBTLOG.TXT boot logging memory dump minidump virus reinstallation profile bootcfg diagnostic

07/28/07 - Automate Windows XP Maintenance and Shutdown
shutdown power down hibernate reboot restart batch file program windows xp winxp sfc system file checker scannow chkdsk /r maintenance utility defrag defragment drive errors

07/28/07 - Batch Files to Automate Chores: WEBDAILY.BAT
(No tags)

07/24/07 - The Possibility of Great Change in the Housing Market
mozilo housing mortgage industry home ownership savings wages inflation foreign investment real estate globalization dollar currency taxes debt culture big houses too much stuff bigger fool rent

07/21/07 - Error Copying File or Folder; System File Checker; and SFC Scannow
WinXP Windows XP SP1 SP2 Service Pack 2 ServicePackFiles SFC System File Checker virus Scannow registry slipstream WFP dllcache DLL Cache I386 ServicePackSourcePath

07/18/07 - Is Linux for Crazies?
(No tags)

07/13/07 - Drive Imaging Software
PowerQuest Power Quest DriveImage Drive Image 2002 DI Symantec Norton Ghost boot CD DVD Linux Ubuntu dual boot WinXP Windows XP Acronis True Image TrueImage StorageSync Simple Tech

07/12/07 - Running WinXP Pro in a VMWare Virtual Machine on Ubuntu
VMware Windows XP WinXP Ubuntu Linux virtual machine Converter Server Player dual boot virtualization drive image driveimage Automatix dual monitor fixmbr Super Grub Disk fat 32 ntfs 64-bit host guest

07/09/07 - Ubuntu/WinXP Pro Dual Boot Partitioning
WinXP XP Pro Ubuntu Linux Knoppix DriveImage Image PartitionMagic Magic Console FIXMBR CHKDSK x64 Ext3 swap extended root Gparted /var fat32 ram Grub error 114 1513 1152 testdisk QTPart MD5SUM ISO

07/08/07 - PartitionMagic Error #510
(No tags)

06/28/07 - Catching Up: Best of 2003
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06/25/07 - RAM Drives, Pagefiles, the i-RAM, and Virtual Machines
VMWare virtual i-RAM iRAM pagefile RAM drive Ubuntu Windows XP Home x64 64-bit 32-bit Vista Professional

06/25/07 - Statement of Purpose
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