Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's the Deal: Barack, Hillary, and Bill

My speculation for the week: 1. Barack and Hillary are campaigning together. Hillary would not be doing this unless she already had a deal she couldn't refuse. When they sat themselves in easy chairs in Dianne Feinstein's living room, they got right to the point. Hillary would not be this happy with anything less than the vice presidential slot. Barack's promise is that, at the appropriate time, selected for maximum political advantage, he will announce her as his VP candidate. 2. Hillary is motivated to do everything in her power for her and Barack to win. That means bringing every last one of her supporters on board for Barack, if possible. That also means muzzling Bill. He has been very unhelpful for her in this campaign, especially when compared to what he could have done if he had been more focused. The deal is, Hillary is the VP candidate; she takes the spotlight off Michelle Obama; the Clintons' 1990s baggage is history; and Bill Clinton is not a significant part of the package. 3. Bill is motivated to mind his tongue and do what Barack and Hillary need. His motivation is that he will be Barack's first nominee to a Supreme Court position, or possibly some ambassadorship (to e.g., the United Nations). He probably got his pick, and he probably does want to be back in the game in some regard. He lies low now; he gets rewarded later.