Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drive Image 2002, Error #1609

I used Drive Image 2002 to make an image of my Windows XP programs partition. I upgraded hard drives and restored that image to the new drive. I got Error #1609: Lost Clusters. The lost clusters were 1971565-1971566 and 1971570-1971570. But I had tested the image in Image Explorer and it was declared valid. Also, Partition Magic found no errors when I did an error check on the drive. I restored the image to two other drives and got the same error, same clusters. Why? I didn't think it was because of a problem with Drive Image. I used it, at the same time, to restore a companion partition to the same drive, and that worked with no problem. This also seemed to suggest that there was not a problem with the size of the new drive since, as I say, the other partition restored to it without a hitch. Anyway, one of the other drives I tried was one on which the partition had originally been installed. The target partitions on all drives were the same sizes as the partition on the image, though I did experiment with different target partition sizes as well. The original target hard drive was 80GB; another was 500GB. There was no physical problem with the hard drive; it passed the manufacturer's long diagnostic test with no errors. I did a Google search and saw that people all over the world, mostly speaking languages other than English, appear to have gotten the same error message. The search turned up a manual for Symantec Deploy Toolkit, but unfortunately that manual merely listed Error 1609 without describing it. Otherwise, since Drive Image 2002 was getting a bit ancient at this point, there appeared to be almost nothing out there on it. I wondered if the free Drive Image XML program would be able to read and install the old PQI where Drive Image 2002 could not. Unfortunately, Drive Image XML saved its work in XML files, not PQI files. I had done some previous investigation into disk imaging programs and had concluded that, at that time, Acronis True Image was the way to go. But then, most recently, I had seen an article in PC Magazine that favored Shadowprotect Desktop 3.1. So probably some further research would have been appropriate, if it had seemed that the problem lay in the drive image. But I tried restoring two other drive images on that same computer, and they all gave the same error messages, with the same lost cluster numbers. It eventually occurred to me that possibly the problem was, not with the hard drive or with Drive Image or with the drive image PQI files, but with the computer itself. I restored an image with sufficient functionality to let me copy the PQI file to another computer. I also moved the target hard drive to that other computer. But that was not the answer. As a last resort, I tried using a previously made backup copy of the Drive Image CD. Exact same error! I had to chalk this one up for the mystery books. Maybe my computer is possessed by an alien spirit. I don't have the answer. I reinstalled Windows from scratch instead, and decided to start using Drive Image XML or some other program. Drive Image 2002 is just getting a little too old for this sort of thing.