Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wild and Crazy VP Prediction: It's Arnold!

I have only a day or so until John McCain announces his pick for vice president. I was thinking, whom could he choose who would really electrify the country, grab the headlines, and relieve people's worry that he might die in office and leave some nobody as president? The first thought that flashed through my mind: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, since Arnold can't be president (because he's not native-born), I would guess he can't be vice president either. But if you really wanted to have fun with it, you could choose him anyway and leave everyone else to fight about it. There would be some complaints that McCain doesn't know his ass from his elbow, else he would never make such a goofy mistake; but he could conceivably counter those with an up-front statement of the issue and an indication that he does have an alternative pick in mind, if the law does not permit it. Realistically, it won't be Arnold, and it also won't be Jesse Ventura, though I suspect there's a part of McCain that would find that one pretty intriguing too. But I do think it will be someone who is young, strong, confident, competent -- a real counterpoint to Obama, and equally well (and admittedly) too young to be president just yet.



Well, I wasn't far off. Palin! She could start a roller rink and call it the Palindrome. Smart, young, pretty, a mom -- just about everything McCain isn't. He certainly has made the race interesting with this one.