Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Put Batteries into the Jia Hao LED Bivouac Light

OK, one of the goofier topics I've blogged on, but why not?  I bought the 11-LED (that's right, eleven LEDs) lantern, JH-2588-11, comes in a box labeled "LED Bivouac Light" from a company called Jia Hao, and here it sat, and I was damned if I can figure out how to put the batteries in it.

I found the place on the bottom easily enough, but how to open it?  I couldn't tell quite what the little black button was supposed to do.  Turns out the solution was just to push straight in (i.e., toward the battery compartment), not down (i.e., toward the top of the lantern).

In case you haven't yet bought it, but are wondering whether you should, I can't say.  I just got it.  But it does seem basically real and functional, has a little fold-out hanger on top, and throws a fair amount of light.  Here's how it did in a totally dark bathroom:

In case you're not sure what to make of that photo, what it basically says is that I have enough light to read pretty comfortably, when my magazine is right next to it, and I have enough dim light to read when I'm four or five feet away from it.  I didn't try climbing into the tub to read from a position further away.  I think there's probably enough light from this thing to distinguish objects from one another at least 15-20 feet away, but that remains to be tested.