Saturday, February 6, 2010

Error While Resizing Vista NTFS Partition with GParted

I was using the GParted 0.5.1 live CD to resize an NTFS partition.  (I had already backed up the data on the partition.)  When I tried to resize in GParted, I got an error:

An error occurred while applying the operations

See the details for more information.

if you want support, you need to provide the saved details!
save_details.htm for more information

I clicked OK.  Unfortunately, the details did not explain what had gone wrong.  I rebooted into Vista and then did a complete shutdown.  (Previously, I had just hibernated the system.)  I allowed a minute or so for the memory to clear, and then rebooted with the GParted live CD.  This time, it worked.  The problem was that I had hibernated instead of completely shutting down Vista before using GParted.