Monday, May 16, 2011

Recommended Firefox Extensions

This is a list of extensions that served me well in Firefox 3.  At this writing, I was just in the process of switching to Firefox 4, having allowed a bit of time for the worst of the early incompatibilities and bugs to sort themselves out.  I was not sure how many of these FF 3 extensions would persevere in FF 4.  But this was, anyway, my starting list of important extensions to try to perpetuate.

A fast way to view these extensions, incidentally, would be to install something like the Snap Links or Multi Links extensions, drag a right-click boundary around the following links, and allow them all to open in separate tabs.



Correction. In Firefox 3, I had been having some problems with TabGroups Manager for some time. It was overly optimistic to leave it in this list. I loved the concept, and it had worked well originally, but not recently. That item might belong on this list for an upgrade to FF 4, but I wasn't there yet.

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Another post provides an updated list.