Saturday, May 21, 2011

Windows 7: EUBKMON.SYS Error: Driver Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations

I was using Windows 7 Home Premium.  I tried to reboot into Safe Mode.  I got an error message:

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
I did a search and got the advice to put the driver (in this case, EUBKMON.SYS) out of action.  The mission was to rename it to be EUBKMON.OLD, so as to keep the file (just in case) but to prevent it from being used.  How to achieve that mission?  The advice in that case involved Windows XP, so they were recommending using the installation CD to get to a recovery prompt and rename it that way.  Another possibility would be to boot Ubuntu or some other Linux variant, or perhaps something like BartPE, and use that to rename EUBKMON.SYS.  Since the machine was willing to boot into Windows 7 Normal Mode, I started with that.  I found EUBKMON.SYS in C:\Windows\System32\drivers.  I was able to rename it in Windows Explorer.  I was not sure whether I would have been able to do so if I had not previously taken ownership of that folder.  While I was there, having just rebooted the computer, I got a dialog:
Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown.
Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.
I went with that, but after I clicked on it, it disappeared.  Maybe it found and installed a solution; not sure.  I also went into Control Panel > Windows Updates.  There was only one update, an optional one for Microsoft Security Essentials.  I installed that.  I also ran Glary Registry Repair.  Then I rebooted into Normal Mode, just to see what would happen with EUBKMON.SYS.  After I told Windows to reboot, I noticed that the shutdown screen said "Waiting for EuWatch.  A backup schedule is running!"  That "EuWatch" part got my attention:  it seemed potentially related to EUBKMON.SYS, and the "backup schedule" note reminded me that I had just installed Backup Maker and then had uninstalled it and installed Easeus Todo Backup in its place.  The hard drive was spinning, so I let the thing run; apparently Easeus was in the process of doing a backup before shutdown, for some reason.  A sourceDaddy webpage said that a message like my DRIVER_UNLOADED message (above) could be due to a faulty driver.  While I was waiting, I ran a search for EUBKMON.SYS but got no insight.  The search turned up only eight hits, so it seemed this driver was not a part of Windows 7 itself, adding to the sense that perhaps the problem was caused by one of those two backup programs.  By this time, the computer was prepared to reboot.  It ended up at a black and white screen:
Windows Error Recovery
Windows failed to start.  A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
It wanted to Launch Startup Repair, so I went with that, but it wanted a Windows installation disc, and I didn't have one.  (I was doing this on an ASUS Eee PC, with Win7 factory-installed.)  The error message status was 0xc000000e and the "Info" statement was, "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."  I tried Ctrl-Alt-Del > Start Windows Normally.  But that failed.  I was back at Windows Error Recovery, except the top line was now "Windows Boot Manager."  I ran a search and decided to try Safe Mode (hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot, and then hitting immediately and repeatedly hitting F8).  That didn't work either, but this time it just went back to Windows Error Recovery; no BSOD.  I wondered if the inability to get back into Win7 was due to the renaming of EUBKMON.SYS to be EUBKMON.OLD.  I thought about re-renaming EUBKMON.OLD to be EUBKMON.SYS again; but if I had a bad driver, that wouldn't solve the problem.

I thought maybe I should copy EUBKMON.SYS over from another computer where I had also installed Easeus Todo Backup.  First, though, I thought I'd better just test whether that was the issue.  To do this, I would need a bootable USB drive of some sort.  I have addressed that issue in another post.  Basically, I used XBoot to boot Ubuntu from the USB drive, and then went into C:\Windows\System32\drivers and renamed EUBKMON.OLD back to EUBKMON.SYS.  I shut down Ubuntu, yanked out the USB drive, and tried to boot Windows -- with, of course, the need to adjust the BIOS settings first.  Sure enough, Windows now booted.  The EUBKMON.SYS file was the whole issue.  Instead of replacing it with a working one from the desktop computer, I decided I didn't really like the idea of having my whole system rendered nonworking because one file for one backup utility was not quite right.  There were other backup alternatives. 

So I uninstalled Easeus Todo Backup.  It wouldn't uninstall easily from Programs and Features; I had to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, go into Task Manager > Processes tab, and kill EuWatch.exe.  But no, that wasn't enough:  I got the same message and had to go back into Task Manager, where a careful look at the Description column showed me that I would also have to kill Agent.exe, TbService.exe, and TrayNotify.exe.  So now I was able to uninstall Easeus Todo Manager.  I tried to send them feedback on why I was doing that, but their feedback agent required email to be set up on this computer, and Windows Live Mail 2011 was taking a long time to start.  Eventually I just scrapped that.  Anyway, with Easeus uninstalled, after a reboot, I took another look at C:\Windows\System32\drivers.  EUBKMON.SYS was still there.  I renamed it to EUBKMON.OLD again and tried rebooting.  The system started.  So without Easeus Todo Backup, EUBKMON.SYS was apparently no longer essential, but the Easeus uninstallation process did not remove EUBKMON.SYS or the other EU*.* files in C:\Windows\System32\drivers (i.e., eubakup.sys, eudisk.sys, eudskacs.sys, and eufs.sys).  Possibly this situation would have been different if I had used Revo Uninstaller.  I wasn't sure if I could safely delete those other files, so I left them.

So now, with all that sorted out, I tried again to boot into Safe Mode.  It worked.  Problem solved.


Павел Клевакин

Sorry for my poor English.
I've just solved similar problem but the different way.
My problem started when I'd tried to update EU BackUp and got blue screen error.
After that Windows could not start even in safe mode. There was something about missing EUBKMON.SYS despite this file presented in C:\Windows\System32\drivers

I tried to use Windows Automatic Repair Tool but it couldn't find the problem.
So I take LiveCD that can edit the windows registry (for examlple and boot from it.
Then I go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services and delete all sections that started with EU (in my case they all belong to EasyUs). Also I find all sections with "EUBKMON.sys" inside and remove it.
After this my Windows 7 starts normally