Thursday, July 7, 2011

Windows 7: BOOTMGR Is Missing

One time, upon rebooting the system, I got this message:

BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
I rebooted from the Windows 7 DVD and went to the "Repair your computer" option.  It said "Searching for Windows installations."  Then it showed me the System Recovery Options dialog, listing "Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered)."

But that's not what it showed me the first time.  The first time, it showed me nothing.  I read somewhere that somebody found that they needed to run the Repair Your Computer option a couple of times before it would work, so possibly that was what finally populated this dialog with a Windows 7 entry.  But what I think may have solved the problem was that I booted with an Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD, went into System > Administration > GParted, and used their filesystem repair option (or whatever it was called, exactly) on my Windows 7 partition.  (I'm not sure if GParted is included in more recent versions. If not, the 10.04 version will still be available for a while.)

Anyway, I did now see Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered).  I clicked Next > Startup Repair.  It said "Searching for problems" and then "Attempting repairs."  Then it said, "Restart your computer to complete the repairs."  I did that.  The problem was solved.


aalia lyon

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