Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things to Do Before Killing Yourself

The bulk of this post has been relocated to my religion blog and revised there.

The part about the book by Professor Xavier Cortez, 100 Things To Do Before Killing Yourself In The Midst Of A Murderous Rampage, has been revised and converted into a review of that book on its Amazon site.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

-- RW, Dec. 12, 2012



Note -- this was previously posted on my other blog, I moved it here because that blog is more oriented toward ideas, and this post turned out to be more of a factual discussion.


Great article! Very informative and thought-provoking.


Prof Xavier Cortez here - just read your review. I'm glad to say some of your observences exeec the ordinary. Unfortunately I felt you did me a diservice by suggesting the anomolies in my text were not by design. I look forward to you reading thebook in full and offering an educated review. x


Professor Cortez, thank you for that comment. I appreciate your taking the time, and I also appreciate your balanced tone in response to what may have been my irritating remarks.

I just checked: my local library does not have a copy. If you want to send me a review copy, I will take a look and will also return it to you when I am done.

I read your remark as suggesting that one cannot do a good book review without a copy in hand. I agree with that. I would not say that one can offer no comments without doing a book review. There is indeed a risk of inaccuracy in that latter case. The determination of whether my remarks were inaccurate will await my review opportunity.

Happy trails.


It was refreshing to read an opinion about suicide that does not steer the reader in one direction or the other. Echoes of the traditional "think it through" mantra are present, but in a literal sense. Most people or professionals who deal in this sort of affair blurt that phrase in seemingly reflexive desperation, as if what they really mean is, "Think about what you're doing! Are you mad? Normal people don't want to die! You need help to be normal again!" Speaking for myself, that same, exceeding common argument only makes me wish to accelerate my own death.

I very much favored the portion about being truthful in the presence of others. You are absolutely right; people fear truth and deem it awkward or uncomfortable. Modern society functions properly in such a way that truth and honesty are rarities, to be brought about only on special occaisions or for dramatic flair. Truth is all that should matter, for it is what it is and nothing else.

I've been struggling with the idea of my own demise quite a lot over the past year, and this article has certainly challenged me to utilize different thought processes in orchestrating my life. Very nice piece of work.