Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Publications: Take the Bar and Beat Me

I attended Columbia Law School from 1979 to 1982. After graduating, I went to work in a firm on Wall Street. I was mostly doing corporate and securities work. In 1989, after other experiences in law firms, I left New York and moved to Colorado. There, I devoted some months to the writing of a book about the law. I had many things to say, and many questions to ask, but in this first volume I focused on the decision to become an attorney, and the process of doing so.

In 1991, Career Press published Take the Bar and Beat Me: An Irreverent Look at Law School and Career Choices for Prelaws, Law Students, Advanced Paralegals - And the People Who Once Loved Them. It sold out its first printing of 5,000 copies, but the publisher didn't feel it was selling fast enough, so there was no second printing. Rights reverted to me, and for some years John Richardson posted a copy of the text, with my permission, on his law school prep webpage. At the moment, the text is available online only through the WayBackMachine.