Monday, January 17, 2011

Google Chrome: Keyboard Shortcut Problem

I was using Google Chrome on Windows 7.  I had used Chrome occasionally since it first came out.  I had also consistently been using AvaFind, a file finder program, for years.  The hotkey or keyboard shortcut combination that called up AvaFind was Shift-Esc.  Suddenly that didn't work anymore.  Now Chrome was using that combination to open up its Task Manager.

This was definitely not what I wanted.  As I looked into it, unfortunately, it appeared that many people were having this same problem with Google shortcuts screwing up their way of doing things on the computer.  Following advice, I tried installing the Chrome Keyconfig and then the Shortcut Manager extensions.  These did not permit me to disable Chrome's use of Shift-Esc.

On closer examination, I found that Task Manager was coming up, in response to Shift-Esc, only when AvaFind was not running.  AvaFind was always supposed to be running.  Otherwise, its file indexing would be screwed up.  Given the crashes and all, I decided it was time to replace AvaFind.  That did not solve the Google Chrome keyboard shortcut problem, but it solved it for me, for now.